Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tennessee Gun Report

Southern Beale

• January 28, 2014:
1- A Nashville first-grader brought his mom’s .22 pistol to school. No charges filed:
A seven-year-old boy who brought his mother’s handgun to Inglewood Elementary School on Tuesday afternoon will not be charged by Metro Police.
The unnamed first grader showed the trigger-locked .22 caliber pistol to a classmate who then told a teacher about it, a Metro Nashville Police Department release said.
The gun was confiscated from the student’s backpack that afternoon. The boy was allowed to go home with his mother because of his age, police said.
His mother was not aware her son had taken the handgun and was “clearly angered” by what had happened.
OH well if mom was “angered” then that’s perfectly fine, right? I don’t expect charges to be filed against the child, you morons. I DO expect charges to be filed against the parents. You leave a gun where a) a child can get his hands on it, and b) can take it off your property without you even knowing about it? That’s the very definition of negligent behavior.
What the hell is wrong with you people?


  1. "What the hell is wrong with you people?"

    Which people would that be? The mother? The prosecutor not charging her? Or just anybody who points and laughs at "gun control" advocates?

    1. The people who do nothing about keeping guns away from children and not even hundreds of dead children can move them to act to stop the killing. Unwilling to try proven methods and just say won't work, won't work.

    2. Except that those proposals have not been shown to work in the context of America, and even if they did, there are better solutions that would not violate our rights.

    3. What proposals and what evidence have you, that those proposals don't work?

    4. I've given that evidence many times here. Look at the homicide rates and gun laws of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts. Or at the same for Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. Look at the number of guns we have in this country and our long borders. Then go to my blog and read my proposals.

    5. They won't work because your "side" won't let them be tried, or approve the money necessary to institute those programs. And there is no proof those proposals won't work since they haven't been tried. Gun control has been tried, and worked.

    6. You're correct that my side won't let you violate our rights.

    7. And I now return to ignoring you, Asshole, since you've once again stopped being reasonable.

    8. Nice switcheroo, Greg. This story is about kids getting a-hold of their parents' guns. You suddenly started talking about murder rates.

      When you were still on topic you mentioned "violating your rights." I'm still waiting for you to explain how safe storage laws would do that.

    9. Mikeb, when will you listen to what I say? I have told you repeatedly that we can't trust the intentions of gun control advocates. If you get a safe-storage law today, tomorrow, you'll demand that the safe must be one that requires a minimum of X minutes to break into it and must be bolted to the floor. Then the next day, there will be more demands.

      Are you getting it yet? Until you agree to the basic principle that we have the right to own and carry firearms, everything you propose is a violation.

    10. That's a cop-out, Greg. Your not trusting us to not demand more and more should have nothing to do with your opinion of a particular and specific proposal. If a safe storage law would be good, you should be honest enough to admit that and draw the line at the point at which our additional demands become onerous. In other words, you should not draw your personal line further towards your side than you honestly think is right.