Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Iowa Concealed Carry Permit Holder to Face Charges for Negligent Discharge on School Property

A Glenwood man who accidentally shot himself on a school playground late last week now faces charges.
The Mills County Attorney's Office says Douglas Trent Good has been charged with carrying weapons on school grounds, a class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison or a fine of $750 to $7,500. Authorities say Good accidentally shot himself in the leg at Glenwood West Elementary School's playground pickup area late Friday afternoon. Good was reportedly sitting in his vehicle when the gun accidentally discharged.
A former police officer in Glenwood, Creston, and Bellevue, Good currently works as a firearms trainer, and runs his own private investigating business, specializing in divorce and child custody cases. Good ran an unsuccessful campaign for Glenwood mayor last fall, losing to incumbent Kim Clark in November.


  1. As a rule, the best thing you can do with your carry pistol is holster it in the morning and leave it the hell alone till you go to bed. Most states consider a parking lot of a gun free facility to be ok for possession. For example, in Minnesota, I can legally carry to pick up my son from school as long as I, or the firearm stay in the car.
    If I have to go into school, I have to secure the firearm. Hopefully they'll fix this in the next legislative session.

    1. "The best thing....."
      We know dealing with humans , the best thing is usually not being done. So unfortunately, we have to have rules, regulations, and laws to tell them what is, or is not acceptable. Just a fact.

    2. I suppose by "fix it" you mean allow guns on the school grounds. The result would be more stories like the one I posted.

      The problem is, due to the low requirements for gun ownership and concealed carry permits, too many bozos are giving the rest of you a bad name. We need to raise the bar considerably.

    3. If he was there to pick up a child, then he should be able to if the firearm doesn't leave the car.

    4. This is why negligent idiots like you gun loons should not be allowed to bring guns on school grounds. To protect innocent children from your deadly negligence.