Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Gun-Rights Legacy

I went to visit my mother in New Jersey for a few days and decided to take the opportunity to de-connect. But, without even trying, in that short time I heard about THREE school shootings and ONE mass shooting. I say without even trying because I only watched Good Morning America each day which concentrates on New York news, so. presumably, only the biggest gun stories from around the country would be covered.

The despicable gun nuts are, of course, responsible for this.  They, who ridiculously claim that more guns are making us safer in spite of growing evidence to the contrary, must reap what they sow.  They, who fight for the loosest possible gun restrictions should be very proud of themselves.

When cops and other responsible people are interviewed about this problem, they always say "the way the country is today," or "the way things are now."

This is the gun-rights legacy.


  1. Welcome back Mike,
    I hope you had good travels and found your mother well. You were definitely missed here.
    I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree with your contention that cops favor increases in gun restrictions. I would invite you to take a look at this survey of police officers that was conducted in the spring of last year.

    "More than 15,000 verified law enforcement professionals took part in the survey, which aimed to bring together the thoughts and opinions of the only professional group devoted to limiting and defeating gun violence as part of their sworn responsibility."

    "Contrary to what the mainstream media and certain politicians would have us believe, police overwhelmingly favor an armed citizenry, would like to see more guns in the hands of responsible people, and are skeptical of any greater restrictions placed on gun purchase, ownership, or accessibility."

    1. First of all, I didn't say cops favor increases in gun restrictions. But since you brought it up, do you really think the cops who read Police One are a fair sampling?

    2. Then the question would be how else do you get a sample of only police officers? There would have to be some targeted screening just to get the specific samples needed. This has a sample size of over 15,000.

    3. Asking Police One readers about gun ownership is like asking Fox viewers about Obama. It doesn't matter how many you ask. It's slanted and useless, and you should have known better.

    4. Why, Mikeb? It's a police trade magazine.

  2. Welcome back, Mikeb. You were missed.

    Since our rates of violence, including homicide, are at a decades-long low, if you want to give us credit, I'll take it.

    1. Homicides are rising, and you and the other gun nuts are welcome to take credit for that.

      Law enforcement overwhelmingly supports more gun regulation and restriction, as evidenced by the many organizations representing LEOs that provide testimony on their behalf FOR gun control.

      This makes sense, given how horrific our numbers are for gun deaths and injuries, not to mention threats, that make the job of our LEOs so VERY much more dangerous than those who do the same job in other countries experience, per capita.

      Welcome back MikeB; through Laci I did my part to keep content flowing in your absence.

    2. "Homicides are rising, and you and the other gun nuts are welcome to take credit for that."

      DG, do you perhaps have any data source to validate your assertion? Even Chicago has recently reported a decrease in homicides.

      "After a disastrous 2012 that saw Chicago garner national attention for its violence, city homicides and shootings declined by double digits in 2013, the best numbers in half a century, according to the department. On Thursday, in the waning days of the year, homicides hit a symbolic mark of 400, but that was still a far cry from the more than 500 recorded in all of last year."

      In fact, as far back as May of last year, there have been reports of double digit decreases in homicides.

       Chicago: -39% YTD 5/5
       New York City: -26% YTD 5/5
       Philadelphia: -29% YTD 5/15
       Detroit: -4% YTD 5/12
       Los Angeles: -15% YTD 5/4
       Houston: -11% YTD 3/31
       New Orleans: -11% YTD 4/30
       Washington DC: -20% YTD 5/15
       St. Louis: -9% YTD 4/30
       Memphis: -17% YTD 2/28
       Oakland: -21% YTD 5/12
       San Antonio -63% YTD 3/31
       Kansas City MO: -20% YTD 5/15
       Atlanta: -4% YTD 5/11
       San Francisco: -48% YTD 5/7
       Milwaukee: -25% YTD 4/30
       Baton Rouge: -33% YTD 4/5
       Stockton: -50% YTD 4/23
       Columbus OH: -26% YTD 5/14
       San Diego: -45% YTD 3/31
       Charlotte-Mecklenburg: -33% YTD 3/31
       Louisville: -20% YTD 5/3

    3. For Dog Gone, facts are somethinng that she claims to have, rather than actually knowing them. She believes herself to be superior and therefore in no need of checking her continual assertions.

    4. For you, lies are normal. We have proven your criminal lies over and over and over again. That's why your name is the asshole criminal lying coward.

    5. dog gone wrote, "Law enforcement overwhelmingly supports more gun regulation and restriction, as evidenced by the many organizations representing LEOs that provide testimony on their behalf FOR gun control."

      You are referring to police chiefs, not rank-and-file law enforcement officers on the streets and front lines. Police chiefs are politicians and represent themselves, not their employees. Regardless, I don't trust what any politician says, period.

      -- TruthBeTold

    6. TbT, I think you're making that up because it fits your narrative. The Police One survey bears it out, but that's hardly a fair sampling.

    7. I've seen the same attitude expressed by police trainers in carry license classes and in books.

    8. How many classes did you go to? Are you some kind of a retard always failing and taking the class over again?

    9. "always failing and taking the class over again?"

      Many states require refresher training in order to renew your carry permit. Also, many permit holders will acquire additional permits from other states in order to maximize the number of states they can legally carry in.

    10. Sarge, isn't it special how this troll thinks that getting more education is a sign of being retarded?

    11. Right, you are highly educated. That's why you teach the ranked dumbest idiots in the country. Congratulations on your failure. No surprise for a proven criminal cowardly liar.

  3. These clowns admit crime and murders are at all time lows, but claim their NEED to carry a gun. Just lying cowards who are afraid to walk out their front doors without having a killing machine strapped to their bodies. They remind me of the gun idiots in Syria. The purpose of a gun, is to kill. If you promote guns, you promote killing. When you could care less about gun deaths, you promote death. We have plenty of evidence that these gun loons could care less. We have statements from these gun loons, that they promote criminal acts.

    1. So much fail Anonymous. I'll break it down for you:

      "... claim their NEED to carry a gun."
      Correction: we claim the RIGHT to carry a gun for whatever reason we desire. It isn't about needs, it is about rights.

      "... cowards who are afraid to walk out their front doors without having a killing machine strapped to their bodies."
      I am concerned about the 1 million plus violent crimes that criminals perpetrate on citizens every year in the U.S. In my world being concerned about a million violent crimes is rational. And yet you are frothing at the mouth about the approximately 70 armed citizens with no previous criminal record who will murder someone in the United States this year. Let's see. I'm concerned about 1 million violent crimes. And you are freaking out about 70 violent crimes. Who is the crazy one?

      "The purpose of a gun is to kill."
      Correction: the purpose of a firearm (NOT considering recreational purposes) is to stop a violent attacker. And most of the time a firearm accomplishes that purpose without the armed citizen even having to fire a shot. Of course other times the armed citizen does shoot resulting in everything from complete misses to non-fatal injuries to fatal injuries. If you don't want to be a shooting victim, don't attack anyone and you will be just fine.

      "If you promote guns, you promote killing."
      Correction: I promote responsible citizens having firearms for one and only one reason ... to have an effective tool to stop violent attackers from harming or killing them. On the other hand you want defenseless citizens to face young, strong, fast, violent criminals armed with weapons who have the additional advantage of the element of surprise. You are the one who is promoting death here. What would you have a 120 pound woman do when a 250 pound male decides to viciously attack her? Watch this video to see what such a male does to such a woman in her OWN HOME:

      That video is exactly what you want and promote. You are a vial human being.

      -- TruthBeTold

    2. Bullshit
      The purpose of a gun is not to kill?

    3. "The purpose of a gun is not to kill? "

      Anon, you raised an interesting question. While legally, using a firearm is considered deadly force, it actually isn't in the majority of cases. And gunshot injuries are actually becoming less lethal over time.
      Using CDC statistics, in 2001, gunshot injuries were lethal 21.7 percent of the time. In 2010, that percentage had fallen to 17 percent.
      This drop in lethality is likely the result of advances in trauma care.

    4. There we go, the gun loons agree, a gun is not made for killing.

  4. We can change things for the better. It just takes a voice.

    The gun lobby is afraid of us raising our voice.

    1. Just remember that people who support gun rights are also raising their voices. We won't be silent when our rights are at stake.

    2. We will have to listen to the racist Ted Nugent get even more vulgar and spew more NRA racist crap.

  5. Welcome back mikeB. Sorry your mom lives in the shit hole of NJ.