Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Big Gun-Rights Defeat - Colorado Rejects Bill to Allow Armed Teachers

Local news reports

The targeting of a Colorado schoolteacher by an armed teen last year didn't sway Colorado Democrats on permitting teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus.

A Democratic House Judiciary Committee voted 7-4 yesterday to reject another Republican bill to expand gun rights. The bill would allow school districts to permit teachers, not just designated school resource officers, to carry concealed weapons if the school districts wish.

Similar Republican proposals have been made before without success, but the suggestion had additional resonance after last year's Arapahoe High School shootings, in which a student targeted a teacher.


  1. Replies
    1. I'll call this a net win for the good guys even before adding in New Hampshire. Mike, you lost bad this week, but you can rest easy that you covered the spread with that little score.

    2. That is an extraordinary ruling--especially so since it comes from the Ninth Circuit. Gun control advocates would be well advised to give up now.

    3. I think the article Kurt linked to needs to be taken with a grain of salt. It was written by a rabid gun-rights fanatic. After praising the other gun-rights fanatic for having been cited by the court, Kopel gets around to mentioning the split nature of these decisions in the CA courts as well as the little fact that "good moral character" is still a requirement.

      No, this is not the resounding victory Kurt said it is and not at all like what happened in CO.

    4. Keep whistling past the graveyard of evil agendas, Mikeb. That'll make it all the more amusing when it comes crashing down around you. ;-)

    5. Whatever gets you to sleep at night, Mike.

      Urban CA counties make a practice of denying good people carry permits. The court said that's unconstitutional. That's huge. And it's another step towards establishing the right to bear arms, not just keep them.

    6. "No, this is not the resounding victory Kurt said it is and not at all like what happened in CO. "

      "A major ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco Thursday threw a major wrench into California's law governing the issuance of permits to carry a concealed weapon. The court threw out the law, saying it violates the second amendment."

      Other media outlets also seem to think this might be a big deal. This is another expansion of gun rights based heavily on the Heller decision. Heller seems to be having a wide-spread effect on gun rights. First Illinois, and now California seems to be heading that way.

    7. I do agree that the 9th Circuit Court schmackdown on "may issue" (the polite euphemism for "may arbitrarily deny") is "not at all like what happened in CO." What happened in CO was that a measure that is still considered highly controversial, facing a hard row to hoe, unsurprisingly fell short. It's not over, there or elsewhere.

      In California, however, the state-mandated defenselessness cultists were handed a shocking defeat in a venue in which they're accustomed to getting royal treatment.

    8. This will only be a big deal when the Supreme Court looks at it. Unfortunately the Democrats haven't yet been able to change the gun-rights-leaning balance on the Court.

      So, if they rule on it in favor of gun rights, you definitely won't hear me saying it's no biggie.

    9. Until the Supreme Court looks at it, it's the law of the land for the entire west coast, including California. That's big.

      You should hang your hopes on an en bloc review before the Supreme Court. That gets me worried. But I never thought we'd get a favorable decision out of the ninth. I thought the only way carry rights would get out here is through the Supreme Court.

  2. We'll see after the next election how many Democrats there are in Colorado's legislature if they keep opposing good bills.

    1. One insane act doesn't justify an insane policy, but I know you want every child armed with a gun.

    2. What lie?
      You are the one who agreed with teaching a 3 year old to kill with a gun.
      A post describing a terrorist teaching his 3 year old how to kill with a gun, that you agreed with. You stated teaching a 3 year old how to kill with a gun was OK and even necessary.

    3. You assumed the person shown in the video was a terrorist because he was wearing Middle Eastern garb. That's racism. I said that parents are right in teaching their children to use firearms, but that does not mean that I want "every child armed with a gun." That statement of yours was a lie.

  3. "Speaking of "big defeats"

    That would set quite a precedent if it survives whatever appeals are thrown at it. Sounds to my that this could effect pretty much all of the states with discretionary permit systems.

  4. Say . . . speaking of guns and Colorado schools, have you heard about this splendid development?

    I don't know how much you know about Project Appleseed, but they're a wonderful group, teaching not only marksmanship (the goal is to be reliably capable of hitting a man-sized target at 500 yards, preferably without optics--putting each so-trained shooter, as I like to say, in the center of her own 162-acre Circle of Liberty), but also the reason that Americans' continued freedom demands that we halt and reverse the atrophy of our shooting skills.

    And now at least one school board is on board with making this wonderful investment in the future.

    Kinda restores a great deal of hope, doncha' think, Mikeb?