Saturday, February 15, 2014

‘Redneck’ Democrat Packs it in Over Open Carry

Proof that not all Texans are dickheads found here as Rancher, bookstore owner, and 79-year-old iconoclast, Bill Bond gets upset at Wendy Davis' real agenda.

“I’m a 79-year old rancher and I’ve got guns. I’m not afraid of guns,” he says. “But I think Texas as a culture is not with history, and I think Texas as a gun culture is in the wrong place. I’m not for shooting people. I’m not afraid of anything. I don’t carry guns. I’m tired of killing game, even.” When he thinks about the rest of the country seeing pictures of Gov. Perry shooting and posing with guns, he says, “that image of Texas is abhorrent to me. And I’m a redneck!”


  1. Laci, your bigotry is well known, but it's sad to find someone else who shares it. I don't have much knowledge about Wendy Davis, since I've never lived in Texas, but lately she's staking out positions that make her an interesting possibility to run for president. She'd be a hell of a lot better than Hillary Clinton.

  2. I can understand Mr. Bond's frustration over his party's candidate not toeing the party line to his satisfaction. She is trying to sell herself to centrist republicans in order to win the Governor's seat.
    However, here we have Democrats that are acting just like Republicans in that they are expecting their candidate to represent their values. He is completely welcome to his beliefs and to provide resources to whom he sees fit.
    From what I have read, Ms. Davis seems to have more of an issue with the truthfulness regarding her past, since there seem to be several versions of it. Most people shy away when something easily checked has several different paths.

  3. Ann Richards screwed up Texas so bad there's no fixin it.

    Orlin "TEX" Sellers

  4. It cracks me up that Wendy Davis has managed to draw heat from the anti-gun jihadists.

  5. Here's the truth about Texas, which I write in every bathroom in Texas I visit:

    Here I sit with my buttocks a-flexin
    Givin' birth to another Texan.

    For normal Americans, Texas is a irreversable mental illness.