Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Utah - Gun Paradise with a Suicide Problem

A Utah lawmaker is proposing a bill that would encourage to gun owners to buy trigger locks and gun safes and give stores incentives to implement suicide-prevention programs.
Republican Rep. Steve Eliason of Sandy says the proposed legislation could help curb the state's suicide rate and prevent young people from using their parent's firearms to take their lives. His bill, which has not yet been introduced, would offer a rebate to gun owners who purchase the safety devices. Retailers would have to agree to implement suicide-prevention programs in their stores to be eligible for the program.
The Salt Lake Tribune reports (http://bit.ly/1gcvrin ) that Utah has one of the highest suicide rates in the nation, with 10 residents taking their life each week, most often with a gun.
"The experts say, 'Look, if you want to move the needle on suicide prevention, you've got to educate people on gun safety and you've got to get guns secured,' " Eliason told the Tribune.
The idea has precedent. For example, about half of gun stores in New Hampshire now offer suicide-prevention materials and education.
The state would pay for the rebates with money from fees for concealed-weapons permits. Utah has a $2.4 million surplus in this fund.

ad more here: http://www.adn.com/2014/02/09/3316105/gun-safety-proposal-aims-to-curb.html#storylink=cpy


  1. All of my new firearms came with a lock. I'm not sure if this is a federal regulation or just something manufacturers throw in. I also do a few additional things to prevent misuse.

  2. Here's a change for gun loons to do something about suicides, which they claim is 2/3rds of all the over 33,000 gun shot deaths.

  3. So long as it's voluntary, I have no objection to this program.

    1. These proposals would not infringe on your right to buy and own a gun.
      I guess you think all safety measures must be voluntary.
      Wearing seat belts has saved thousands of lives, but we know the low rate of seat belt usage without a law. The law saved lives, but some people don't understand that, or don't care. You have made it clear you are one who does not care about saving innocent lives.