Monday, September 8, 2014

Florida Child Hurt After Deputy's Gun Discharges

Local news reports

A Clay County deputy's gun accidentally discharged Thursday, injuring his child.

Deputies said the boy was reaching into the deputy's pants to get a snack while they were at Wendy's at 2530 Blanding Blvd. when he jostled the gun, causing it to discharge.

The child was slightly injured by a fragment that ricocheted off the floor and cut his legs and foot, deputies said.

A Wendy's employee also had minor injuries from the fragments but declined medical treatment.
They said it was the deputy's private handgun, not a service weapon.

There was no affect on his work status, according to the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Of course it will have no affect on his status. What's a little gun irresponsibility between Florida gun nuts and the cops.

What should happen is a lifetime ban on the owning and using of guns for this bumbling idiot of a gun owner. Chances are it's not his first offense and thanks to the nonchalance with which these incidents are met in Florida it won't be his last.


  1. Replies
    1. What story did you read? The kid was injured.

    2. More proof that the gun loons who claim to be the experts on gun use are causing the problems.

  2. Hey man. Fuckin' A! No big. It's cool. After all, he's one of the good guys, right? Just out with his little boy to get some burgers.

    Why did this fucking idiot policeman feel that he needed to carry a weapon to go to a restaurant with his child? Fucking deluded.