Thursday, September 11, 2014

Iowa Lawful Gun Owner Loses it Over Property Taxes - Loses His Life

Larry Koos, left, and Francis Glaser.

Local news reports

An Iowa man angry about his property taxes was fatally shot during a public meeting Tuesday after he pulled a gun from a briefcase and pointed it at the county assessor, law enforcement officials said.

Francis Glaser, a former Maquoketa city manager, had become agitated and vocal about his property taxes going up during a weekly meeting of Jackson County's board of supervisors in Maquoketa, a town about 30 miles south of Dubuque.

Larry Koos, a county supervisor, struggled with the gunman before the fatal shot. Jackson County Sheriff Russ Kettmann said Koos "probably saved a life."

Authorities didn't know whether the fatal shot was self-inflicted.

Lawyers and judges have pointed out inadequate security at Iowa courthouses for years, and Thursday's shooting is the second high-profile incident at an Iowa courthouse this year involving a firearm.


  1. "Kettmann said if Koos and others hadn't been there, "it could have been a lot worse." Glaser did not have a permit to purchase or carry a firearm, Kettmann said."

    1. It COULD have been worse, but we'll never know that. What we do know is this was another lawful gun owner gone wrong.

    2. if he did not have a permit to purchase or carry a firearm it does not sound like he was a lawful gun owner.

    3. Iowa does require a purchase permit to buy from an FFL. Since no mention was made of him being a felon so far, it was likely legal for him to possess it. They were able to confirm that he didn't have a carry permit, they likely also did a record check and nothing came back.

    4. On another thread MikeZ was pointing out all the reasons people have firearms. Maybe this guy fell into one or more of those categories, hunter, target shooter, home protector, but whatever the reason, he turned out to be unfit and dangerous, like so many.

  2. Is this the kind of non-conformity gun loons talk about? He's upset about his taxes so of course like a good gun loon he pulls a gun.