Saturday, September 13, 2014

National Firearms Confiscation Day is coming

I'm surprised TS hasn't mentioned this yet, it's the type of thing he goes for
Although, pro-Gun Stickers have long been a welcome sign for criminals knowing that there were easy pickins and lots of money to be made stealing and selling those guns people buy to protect their families and homes.  So, having a pro-Gun sticker of any kind is the something criminals and gun grabbers love seeing.

Just remember:

They're only your kids, besides you can always have some more. Although, cleaning up the bloody mess is a pain.

The police have been issued with special ammunition:

Just remember:


  1. Laci continues to post while pissed.

    Really, dude, it's embarrassing. Get help--maybe AA?

  2. Someone tries to steal your guns, you shoot them in the dick. Good message for the others.