Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Green States - Legalized Marijuana

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Green States Infographic


  1. Looking at the drop in crime makes me wonder if legalization of pot would help in Chicago and DC. It would be a perfect testing ground, though the military might need to perform air drops chips until stores can catch up with demand.
    Maybe something the MOMs could lobby for.....

    1. I'm not convinced that the drop in crime is the result of marijuana law changes.

  2. no surprise that people with access to cannabis are happier....

    BIG SURPRISE: Colorado Attorney Generals office is currently arguing ALL cannabis in CO (MMJ and MJ) is still very ILLEGAL under both state and federal law in Coats v. Dish Network in the Colorado Supreme Court......oral arguments Sept 30th, 2014.

    1. "In a 2-1 decision Thursday, however, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that “lawful activity” does not refer only to an activity's legality under state law.
      “Thus, because plaintiff’s state-licensed medical marijuana use was, at the time of his termination, subject to and prohibited by federal law, we conclude that it was not ‘lawful activity,’” Chief Judge Janice Davidson wrote in the opinion (available here)."

      Ah, its the old Federal Government electing to not enforce federal drug laws and allowing a state to legalize something. Something that is terrible when the state does it with gun laws, but not so much when it comes to other laws.
      I've been wondering how many soldiers will fall prey to this at say Ft. Lewis or Carson. Go out and party thinking legal makes it ok, then piss hot for a drug screen and have to face the consequences.