Monday, September 8, 2014

Virginia 4-Year-old Dead from Accidental Pellet Gun Shot - No Charges - It Was Just an Accident

8NEWS - WRIC | News Where You Live

After extensive interviews and in consultation with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office, detectives have determined the shooting death of a 4 year old to be a tragic accident.

The investigation has determined that Geonna Bradley, 4, of the 1500 block of Mechanicsville Turnpike, was accidentally shot in the chest by another juvenile with a pellet rifle. Bradley was transported to the VCU Medical Center where she was pronounced dead.

No charges will be filed in this case.


  1. Whenever "accident" is considered the cause, there is never a follow up on how to prevent those "accidents." Seems the police have become the enemy and their advice is not being listened to. Advice about gun safety, about open carry, about those who should not be allowed guns. The gun loons want their weapons to counter police and government. Hunting is no longer the first need for gun loons, fighting their own government is.

  2. These so-called toy guns need to be treated exactly like real guns, both in the qualifications for ownership as well as the sanctions for misuse.