Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Berlusconi at the White House for Columbus Day

CNN reports on the Italian Premier's visit to the White House. The article describes a bizarre mishap that occurred.

In his haste to honor Bush, Berlusconi accidentally bumped the podium from which he was speaking in the crowded dining room. It fell apart, leaving the grinning Italian to advance on the president with just its top and attached microphones.

The crowd of prominent Americans, Italians, and Italian-Americans burst into appreciative laughter and applause.

The gathering was in honor of Columbus Day, a yearly celebration of all things Italian and Italian-American. Guests included Frankie Valli, who performed some of his best-known Four Seasons hits.

In addressing President Bush on the impending financial crisis threatening not only the United States, but Europe as well, Berlusconi said this:

"I am 100 percent sure and confident that we have the means and ways to prevent this from happening, and that the wealth of our citizens, the wealth that our citizens enjoy, will not be affected by this," the Italian leader said.

Does anyone else find something wrong with that? This is the richest man in Italy, or at least he was until earlier this year, and one of the 50 richest in the world talking to Bush, who is no pauper himself about the "wealth of our citizens." I find it absolutely infuriating to the point of Marie-Antoinette absurdity.

What do you think? Do these rich politicians have the good of the people at heart? Or are they impervious to the pleas of the masses and look only to enrich themselves?

Who is more likely to address this age old problem, McCain or Obama?

Let us have your opinion.

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