Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Linda Ronstadt

She has just the right amout of "country" for East coast yankees like me to appreciate.


  1. Man I LOVE Desperado! Great song, great story, and the Chorus really gets my emotions going!

    Wouldn't you call her style a little closer to Folk than Country?

    I mean her style seems a lot closer to Kris Kristofferson than anybody else I can think of...

  2. You've had a sheltered life...I got to meet and and friend long ago got to meat that folkie chick you're pimping!

    I'll show you country with some rock in it. Lucky enough to personally know them too.

    The good first:


    More Rocking!

    Then the sad but still happy:
    Another winner...

    ALL GREAT tunes.

    Linda is Country MY ASS--Dale Watson

    That Thomas from Montana and Texas again...I'd call ya damn yankees, but Nugent was in them and he bought a ranch down by me... :-)

  3. Of course, if you want female country vocalists....here's one or the same one again. Or a different great one.

    Happy Trials and Trails...

  4. Slyde, Thanks for commenting. You're in Idaho right? What's the gun situation up there? You know that's one of our favorite subjects on this blog. Are those rednecks pulling the guns out and threatening each other every time you turn around?

  5. No thanks for funny Iris Dement links?


  6. Tom, Yeah, I meant to say thanks. They are funny, twangy too.

    I also liked the Shaver clips. Especially what he said about his son. Advising the young people to "be careful" the way he did was beautiful.