Sunday, October 12, 2008

Commenting Policy - Blog Regulations

My Commenting Policy is basically anything goes. My Blog Rules are none whatsoever.

In the five months or so that I've been doing this, I've not found it necessary to delete anything or restrict anyone in any way. I personally like profanity and welcome criticism and disagreement. I've described the attributes necessary to comment here as "having a thick skin and a quick wit." Those who can't take the heat just go away after one or two attempts.

Recently I've been criticized a couple times for "not checking my sources." Well, I am guilty of that and I have no intention of changing it. Beyond providing a link to the place where I get something, I don't really want to investigate any deeper. I'm not trying to pass myself off as the BBC or the CNN. In fact, my only criterion for including something in a post is if I like it, period. This has ranged from the purely satirical Sarah Palin and Amy Winehouse are Twins, to the polemical The Great Gun Survey Results and Conclusions, to the roundly criticized The Old Double Standard.

Usually, I pose what I think are provocative questions at the end of a post. Often I state my own opinion. I consider it entertainment not journalism.


  1. I'm sorry you feel that way, Mike.

    With such little effort you could raise the bar so far.

  2. Mike,

    I agree with Weer'd, it is not a matter of you being a journalist but of just having the facts.

    If you want to post things and be confrontational, that is your right, your blog. I thought the facts of Obama's stance on gun control were easy to find and that was what I was chiding you about. You have appeared to truly want to learn and see the other side of the arguments. That is why I like your blog, you articulate the liberal position well so I appreciate the chance to learn.

    I got into reading blogs and commenting on other sites to counter the false information posted there. Too many of the sites aren't interested in learning but just spreading the false information about the 2nd amendment, my comments are my way of contributing to keeping our rights.
    I enjoy your site because I didn't see that as your goal; I saw and still see honest questions and a desire to learn.

  3. It's your blog, do it anyway you want to.

    I've got no problem correcting folks on their blogs or being corrected on mine. At times we are all guilty of jumping the gun and one of the best ways to become better informed is to be corrected by our readers.

    The only post I really had a problem with was The Old Double Standard. I'm an Obama guy, and I hate when misleading info is spread on either candidate. There is enough real rope to hang Palin with as opposed to this fake shit. That's the reason I commented. I don't think there is anything wrong with going back and including an edit note that the original post contained incorrect and/or potentially dangerous information. And yes, in the current political atmosphere I consider misleading or false accusations to be dangerous.

    'Nuff said.

    Keep it up, stay informed, stay strong! - Earl

  4. I can get behind b.e. on his last point, esp. since the McCain campaign strategy so far has been to sling so much shit that the media can't possibly weed through it all. I think the issues at stake are crucial enough this election to not have to result to character assassination. I've been trying on my own blog to keep the facts straight w/o going overboard on footnotes and citations.

    Still, it's easy to misquote someone inadvertently and I know you didn't do it intentionally or maliciously.

    In your defense, she did tell the AIP to "Keep up the good work!" in a statement videotaped for their convention earlier this year (side note: how friggin' cold is it in AK that she has to wear a coat in her office??)

    You can see the video here:

    and there's a great article on here:

  5. What's the point of being a blogger if you can't run off at the mouth about whatever you want to? I say do what you want on your blog and I'll do what I want with my blog even if neither of us check our facts or ever agree on anything. At the end of the day I assume that you do this for the same reason I do: for my own entertainment, not yours or anyone else's.

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