Friday, October 17, 2008

Candidates Roasting Each Other

On the wonderful site Donklephant there's an article called A Night for Laughs.

The Alfred E. Smith Dinner in NYC is one of those things you look forward to hearing about every year because, for one night at least, politicians can just throw out some zingers and the only thing you’ll hear from their opponents are laughs.

I found these speeches absolutely hysterical. After all the super seriousness of the three debates, after all the finger pointing about negative advertising, what a relief to just laugh. I think the candidates themselves must have felt it too, or perhaps especially.


  1. l'll have to wait till I get home to see the videos, but I've been hearing clips of them over the wires all morning.

    I agree its a good change in pace, and really fun to hear.

  2. I watched these last night and both candidates did really well at making fun of themselves and their opponents.

    My favorite line was about Obama talking about who named him:

    "And my middle name was given to me by someone who obviously never thought I would run for President of the United States!"