Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Even More on Fox News

From the Liberal Viewer.

It really is amazing that some people insist Fox is not biased. The other day we heard them claiming there's a big difference between the opinion sections and the news sections.


  1. Sort of a 'well-duh' example. Of COURSE Fox has bias in its reports. So does every other news show on today. A quote from Brian Williams this past weekend summed it up. "The problem with media these days is when you wake up in the morning, there's one if not more than one network that already agrees with you."

    I'm wondering what will fall out of this though...I'm half betting the other media agencies will back Fox since, in the next shift of political power, THEY might be the ones being ostracized for not giving the 'correct' sound bites from the whitehouse.

  2. just another reason why I do not post video clips on my blog. In a way, by posting video clips on your blog, your are continuing to give the medium of television the great power it has in the american poltical discourse. The Internet with its ability to cite its sources and allow people the ability to get the news they are interested in, is the needed check on the power the corporate television networks and poltical establishment have in America.