Saturday, October 31, 2009

What Makes Fox News Different?

Liberal Viewer posted a wonderful video showing how that Fox News is different. There's been talk comparing Fox to MSNBC. What do you think?


  1. Fox News is different. In fact, early on quite near its inception, I realized that Fox News was different. In fact, so different, that I laughed. Now I skip right over it as I surf the channels.

    Of course, if one is seeking to have one's biases validated, then Fox News is exactly where one will land.

  2. Or just go to

    But there you'll see more hate and ignorance.

  3. This guy has the balls to say Fox News was biased in the 2008 election and MSNBC was not? Give me a break. MSNBC's anchor even said "we're winning" more than once.

    Fox News is biased but no more than most media, especially MSNBC is biased the other way.

  4. I believe in specific cases Fox has crossed a line that other networks have not even come close to crossing. This is why they are not a news group and are in fact a political lobby, in my view.

  5. "they are not a news group and are in fact a political lobby, in my view."

    Do you even know what a political lobby IS?