Monday, October 26, 2009

More on Fox News

Do you think it's a fair criticism of the White House that they're failing to differentiate between the opinion segments and the news segments on Fox News?

Is Fox News the "Voice of the Opposition?" Wouldn't that indicate the White House is right in saying Fox News is not a legitimate news show?


  1. Fox ratings will now go through the roof.

    Watch it happen.

  2. No where in the 1st Amendment does it say that freedom of the press is reserved for only fair and balanced journalism. Fox News can report anything they want, any way they want as long as it is true.

    If the administration does not want to be painted as socialists then they should stop buying socialist paint.

  3. I wonder if you have a spelling error, mike. The title of this thread reads, "More on Fox News." Did you mean, "Moron Fox News"?

  4. not the right place for it but I thought you get a kick out of this:

  5. Muddy with another Instant Classic!

    It's a wretched life you live Muddy!

    I wish I could feel bad for you.

  6. Did you mean, "Moron Fox News"?

    I don't think it is nice to be talking about MikeB that way Muddy or do you mean the HuffPo editor?

  7. CNBC has Rachel Maddow and Keith Obermann --two propagandists for the left --whose one-sided obnoxiousness is a match for Rush Limbaugh's. Chris Matthews was very critical of Clinton --and then very critical of Bush--so I guess you'd call him fair and balanced at one point--but he started out left--and he's left wing now --clearly.

    so FOX is no less biased in their opinions than CNBC or all the other networks leaning WAAAAYYY left! as they have done for years and years.

    FOX is comparatively a breath of fresh air!

    Oddly, of Bill clinton, Dave Letterman said, "wE deserve better in the presidency," speaking quite seriously about the sex scandals.
    I guess there is a higher standard for the presidency than for late night talk show hosts.

    Wee'rd beard --u r right --Muddy lives a wretched life raking and posting muck as he does for a daily activity.

  8. I don't think it's about freedom of the press. No one is trying to silence them. The point is simply that they are not an unbiased program, neither in their opinion sections nor in their news segments. That's what everybody's saying.

    And, Barb, what does CNBC have to do with it? Are you saying "they do it so we can do it too?" I thought Fox supporters are denying it?

  9. I support Fox and I'm not denying they are right-leaning. With all the other media left-leaning there is nothing wrong with one network that is not.

    If President Bush had categorized anyone that dared not tow his propaganda as not a valid news source, there wouldn't have been many journalists remaining.

  10. In 2003 Fox News won the right to lie.

    @Barb - It's MSNBC, not CNBC.