Sunday, October 25, 2009

Store Clerk Disarms Robbers

The New York Post reports on a thwarted robbery on Long Island. You can view the wonderful video on their site.

The hero is named Mustafa Yakupoglu.

"This is the third time for me, but this time was different. I was not scared."

A native of Turkey, Yakupoglu moved to America in 1995 and worked at a gas station in Huntington Station that was robbed twice.

But his inner Charles Bronson stayed hidden during those stick-ups, and he handed over cash without resisting.

"I was new to this country back then," he said. "I couldn't speak the language. I couldn't speak English.

"Now I can speak."

What do you think of his actions? Was he foolish or heroic? One thing I noticed is he didn't shoot them in the back as they were fleeing. For that restraint I give him credit.

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  1. One thing I noticed is he didn't shoot them in the back as they were fleeing. For that restraint I give him credit.
    Since he slapped the gun and then grabbed it while giving them a haymayker, he didn't have the gun in a position to fire it. Then the bad guys immediately fled and were probably out of the store before the shotgun was turned around so the muzzle was pointing in the proper direction. Besides with the bad guys fleeing (because you took away their weapon) there is no imminent threat, therefore no way you could justify the shooting. What you forgot to mention is that this happened on gun control happy Long Island. How is that possible?

  2. Wow, how magnanimous of you to give him credit for obeying the law!!

    Is that because you wouldn't have obeyed the law?

    I picked up on something that shows either sloppy reporting or the ignorance of the media. The TV report states it was a rifle while the print column calls it a shotgun.

  3. Yes, Bob, it did look more like a rifle in the video.

    About obeying the law, what I was referring to was our previous discussions in which you and some of the others justified shooting the fleeing criminals in the back. This Turkish man did it the right way.

  4. Looks like another gun blogger has defended his life

  5. Thanks for the link, Weer'd. What it makes me realize, as I've pointed out before, is these stories are few and far between. If there are as many DGUs happening shouldn't the gun blogging community be reporting them pretty regularly? There must be a couple hundred of you guys who blog regularly, yet these stories are very rare. Why is that?