Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Detroit Shooting - 3 Dead, 1 Wounded

The Chicago Tribune reports on the terrible shooting that took place in Detroit.

Three people were fatally shot and another wounded when two men opened fire at a house on the city's east side.

Police haven't determined a motive, but Deputy Chief James Tolbert tells The Detroit News that Monday night's attack was planned.

Spokesman John Roach tells the Detroit Free Press that two men, ages 24 and 33, and a 35-year-old woman were shot fatally in the head. A 37-year-old man from Macomb County's Harrison Township was shot several times before reporting the shootings about 9 p.m. He is hospitalized in critical condition.

Police describe one suspect as a thin man with a goatee who was carrying two handguns. The second suspect is described as a man with a heavy build. Both fled in a white Dodge Charger with Florida license plates.

Do you think that man with the goatee was holding the gun sideways and that's why he didn't kill the third guy? What happens when these guys fire two handguns simultaneously, holding both of them sideways? Do you think the recoil causes the upper barrels of the guns to meet and thereby steadies the shots?

The Florida license plate is the real clue. Obviously, the guns and the shooters came from gun-happy Florida to do their business in slightly-less-gun-happy Michigan.

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  1. Gun friendly Florida tags is not a real clue at all and does not mean that the shooters were from gun friendly Florida. The car could have been rented or stolen. The last car I rented at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport had Florida tags. It would only be a real clue if someone got the plate number.

    If the shooters were hired for some reason, they could have been provided with local stolen guns from gun-friendly Detroit or gun unfriendly Chicago.

  2. ...and the shooters might have come from Mars....and sarah Brady might have hired them and...

    Ever notice how gunloons have an excuse for everything?


  3. Not an excuse and I don't care if they are from Florida. Just saying that it is not an automatic clue.

    Oh, and now I am THE Gun Loon.

  4. From my experience, criminals shoot at houses for one reason: To intimidate/kill a rival criminal inside the house. And 9 times out of 10, it's related to drugs.

    Out of the 3 dead and 1 wounded, how many of them were criminals themselves? I don't see that info in the article.

    That's the problem I have with the press these days. I think who is shot is as important as the shooting itself. They are quick to report a shooting, but rarely report on who is shot (unless it's one of The Children©).

    What i've noticed when it comes to anti-gunners is they love to deal with shootings as an aggregate (30k people die per year, woe are we!), but only go into detail about the rare "tragic shootings" like a kid accidentally shooting his best friend or a guy going crazy and blowing away their families.

    Rarely do the anti-gunners detail or even acknowledge the criminal on criminal shootings, which probably make up the majority of shootings.

    Sadly, no one keeps statistics on how many of the 30k gun deaths per year are dead criminals.

  5. AztecRed said, "Rarely do the anti-gunners detail or even acknowledge the criminal on criminal shootings, which probably make up the majority of shootings."

    Now, you know that's not true about me and my blog. I often focus on the lawful gun owner who goes bad, it's one of my favorite themes, but I frequently link to stories of criminal shootings as well. The problem for you is I blame all of it on you lawful gun owners. I don't think it's right for you guys who truly are responsible and stable to keep separating yourselves from the others. You're all linked by the guns.

  6. Really MikeB? The FL plate is a "real clue?"

    Wow.... you continue to amaze me.