Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Like Guns

FishyJay sent me this with the simple remark "you might have fun with this." Well indeed I did. I loved it. It helped me to clarify something too. I really can't accept the 2nd Amendment justification which I think is a manipulation and a distortion. Nor can I accept the self-defense one, which I see as paranoia. But, "I like guns" works for me. Why can't the pro gun folks just say that?


  1. I'll admit it. I like guns. I have since I can remember.

  2. OK, I like guns.

    Now what?

  3. I like guns...

    I like them enough to do everything in my power to prevent the US from becoming like Australia.

  4. I dont like..I LOVE guns and you liberals can cry all you want about a free man's ownership of them.