Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teaching the Boy a Lesson

Fox News reports on the Florida man who decided to teach a boy a lesson.

According to a St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office arrest report, 39-year-old Christopher Fred Cady shot the boy in the chest with the pellet gun, a Christmas gift, after the child shot an autistic cousin with the gun.

Cady reportedly was trying to show the boy that getting shot with a pellet gun can hurt.

According to online records, Cady was booked into St. Lucie County jail Friday. He was charged with cruelty toward child without great harm and was being held on $500 bond. It's unclear if he already has an attorney.

Cady was also charged with violating sex offender laws by failing to report a name or residence change.

What is it with these guns? What is it with this gun mentality, kids shooting each other, adult shooting the kid? It's sick. Of course, because the guy was a sex offender the pro-gun apologists will disavow any association with him. According to them, there are no bad guys among gun owners. But I say gun ownership and gun mentality pervades all strata of society, the responsible and the irresponsible, the honest and the dishonest, the law abiding and the criminal. I was extremely generous when I suggested that only 10% of the lawful gun owners should not have guns. The guy in this story shouldn't even have a toy gun.

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  1. Wow. A(nother) crime committed by a repeat offender? One of those repeat offenders the "pro-gun apologists" tell you to keep locked up? Sounds like they have a point.

    Maybe now that he's in jail (again), someone will have the good sense to keep him there for a significant amount of time.

    "According to them, there are no bad guys among gun owners."

    Straw man. No one has made such a claim.

    Plus this article is a good example of how authorized journalists blow stories about guns (even toy guns) out of proportion.

    Just as the Associated Press erroneously reported that some CD hawker was running around Times Square with a sub-machine gun, this story was erroneously reported as well.

    The child wasn't shot with a pellet gun. Otherwise he would have been left with a bleeding hole in his chest instead of a bruise. More than likely he was shot with a BB gun or air soft gun. Still painful and in the case of a BB gun, very dangerous.

    I guess I can't expect people who know nothing about firearms to know anything about air guns either.

  2. "What is it with these guns? What is it with this gun mentality"

    Generally, gunloons are those who have failed in their social and professional lives--usually through some combination of a lack of discipline, bad decisions, lack of skill, and/or bad luck. They look around and see others succeeding or prospering in their careers and personal lives which makes them feel resentful and cheated.

    To the gunloon, a gun is a symbol of power--something they believe compensates for their lack of normalcy in their social and professional lives.

    Small children take great delight in pretending to be superheroes or fantasy figures. This is because they realize how powerless they are. Gunloons feel this acutely.


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  4. MikeB,

    What does this story have to do with a lawful gun owner, 10% or otherwise?

    There is no gun other than a BB gun mentioned and quite probably the BB gun was owned by the boy, not the adult. Further, Cady could not even own a gun legally which would preclude him from even being a member of your fabled 10%.

  5. RuffRidr said, "Every gun owner I know of wouldn't put up with that type of behavior."

    And then you take issue with my saying "According to them, there are no bad guys among gun owners."

    How's that work? Among all the gun owners you know, there are no bad guys, but among the rest there are?

    I think you need to study my famous 10% theory to understand what we mean by "bad guys."

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  7. "Citation needed. I have never seen gun owners claim such."

    I guess you've never visited any of the gunloon blogs or bulletin boards. If you had, you'd learn that not only are all gunloons super law-abiding, ultra responsible, and more patriotic than everyone else--they also are experts in everything firearm-related.

    In point of fact, in this very thread, AzRed makes the ever-so-important and critical distinction betwixt bb and pellet guns.


  8. "--they also are experts in everything firearm-related."

    Usually gun bloggers do know far more about guns than the anti-gun loons. Anti-gun loons usually pass laws about something they know little about, such as the failed Assault Weapons ban of 1994, and then whine and cry "loophole" when gun manufactures modify their products to comply with their silly laws.

    The anti-gun loons want to ban anything they can without even knowing what they are banning just for the sake of banning something. They have an irrational fear, a phobia, of guns because guns are something that they do not understand. Case in point that idiot hag McCarthy from New York and her famous ban on "shoulder things that go up."

  9. "In point of fact, in this very thread, AzRed makes the ever-so-important and critical distinction betwixt bb and pellet guns."

    It's just as important and critical as the difference between 3 million and 9 million.

    But let's not let little things like facts get in the way now that Jadegold is in our presence.

  10. I've never once seen a lawful gun owner claim that all lawful gun owners are saints. What I have seen is lawful gun owners quoting government statistics that indicate we are considerably more law abiding than average, and slightly better than police.

    For some reason, I keep seeing anti gun people claiming that we do claim perfection. I suppose that's just as accurate as many of their other claims on the subject, so I shouldn't be surprised.

    This guy probably shouldn't be allowed to own guns, and probably isn't.