Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Nice Clean DGU

The L.A. Times reports on a nice clean DGU which took place in Coeur d'Alene Idaho.

A teen trying to rob an espresso stand in northern Idaho met his match in a gun toting barista.

Police say the 17-year-old confronted Sunshine Espresso owner Michelle Cornelson with a gun Wednesday morning, demanding all her money.

Cornelson has been hunting since she was a girl and says she remained calm as a customer pulled up to the other side of her kiosk in Coeur d'Alene (kohr duh-LAYN'), distracting the teen.

Cornelson quickly whipped out her 9 mm Kel-Tec pistol, which was a Christmas present from her husband. That scared off the teen so Cornelson could call police.

A sheriff's deputy was nearby after picking up a beverage at the stand and caught the suspect. The teen was later taken to a juvenile detention center.

Now, that was a very timely Christmas present. And, apparently, Michelle Cornelson knows how to use it and how not to use it, know what I mean?

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  1. I wonder how Michelle would respond to your theory of guns being bad news for women.

  2. Yep. No bloodshed, bad guy caught, perfect.

  3. I thought guns were bad news for women?

  4. Guns were definitely not had news for this woman. That's why I posted it. There are exceptions to every rule.

  5. Of course your "guns are bad news for women" is not actually a "rule" it is a baseless, unsubstantiated claim.

  6. Of course, guns are bad for women...and everyone else.

    How'd this criminal get a firearm? Probably the very same way this woman did.

    This story has a positive outcome but it could have easily turned out the other way.


  7. "Probably"
    "but it could have easily"

    Gun controllers arguing in fantasy land. Novel.

  8. "This story has a positive outcome but it could have easily turned out the other way."

    Yes. The woman might not have had a gun to defend herself and could have been robbed, beaten, sexually assaulted, or murdered. Thanks for pointing that out.

  9. Gotta love the anti's. A woman effectively defends herself and her place of business with a firearm (and without firing a shot)and Jade says "yeah well that means nuthin', cuz it easily could've turned out the other way."

    We have a successful DGU, one that is indicative of most of the DGU's that occur in this country (I.E. the crime is prevented without a shot being fired) and what does Jade focus on?

    He doesn't focus on reality, or look at what ACTUALLY HAPPENED, he trots out some ridiculous "well it could have turned out badly" hypothetical that is directly contrary to reality.

    Why am i not surprised? This is what anti's do every single time reality gets in the way of their dream world.

  10. Ruff: That's a possibility. The better possibility is that the attempted robbery doesn't take place. Other possibilities include the woman being murdered when the robber panics at seeing the gun.


  11. JadeGold: Why is everything with gun-banners a "possibility". Or it "might happen"? I deal in the real world. In the real world guns aren't going anywhere anytime soon, especially for the criminals. Therefore, people need a means to defend themselves. In this case, as happens hundreds of thousands of times a year in this country, the outcome was positive for the citizen defending themselves.

  12. Ruff: That's a possibility. The better possibility is that the attempted robbery doesn't take place

    Better possibility? What the hell? How does this woman having a gun to protect herself and her property have ANY bearing whatsoever on the possibility of the attempted robbery not taking place?

    The attempted robbery DID take place, and it would have whether she had a gun or not. What the gun allowed for was for the owner to affect the OUTCOME of the robbery attempt.