Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Background Checks Are Up - Are Gun Sales?

The Huffington Post published a wonderful article by Josh Horwitz about the different ways a NICS background check would not result in a guns sale. Starting with the obvious, the list goes on and on.
Thousands of background checks each year result in denials when it is determined that individuals in question are prohibited under federal and/or state law from purchasing firearms. So the checks are run, but the guns are never actually sold.
The pro-gun folks have been stumbling all over each other to repeat the good news that gun sales are up. But in usual fashion, this is largely an exaggerated manipulation of the facts.

Another claim is that the total number of gun owners is up. This may be true but not nearly to the extent that they infer. They like to pretend that all the background checks represent new gun buyers. It's just not true.

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  1. You're joshing us, right? Josh Horwitz wrote the article, for what it's worth. Josh Sugarmann is the director of a different organization. Both are equally scumbags, but they are not the same.

  2. "They like to pretend that all the background checks represent new gun buyers. It's just not true."

    Strawman argument. Please give me one credible source who claims that one background check represents one new gun owner.

  3. Dog Gone,

    I thought that the explanation for the increase in gun sales and carry license applications was a final push before the pendulum swings back the other way--that's what you told us. Now we see that the numbers are wrong, anyway. Clarify.

  4. MikeB had invited me to make a comment at any time, but my response was the only comment I could make was with those that I have experiance with.

    I also want you to know that I dont have a "side" or will saddle with anyone.

    So with that said, I will say this. Go to the sporting good stores or gun stores or any place that sells guns and just watch for a while.

    I bought three new arms this year to replace three twenty year old pieces. I have fifteen total arms in my gun safe that are in my control. I have always had 15, no more, no less. The three replaced are now in the states hands for making scrap out of.

    This year was the dangest thing I had ever seen. Waiting in line for over an hour to buy one arm behind a lot of other folks that were buying other guns. I have never had to wait before, and I have always bought what I needed in one store.

    This year was five stores, one store for each weapon, two other stores just come up with enough ammo I needed for all of my arms. When it came to the sales guy I had used for years, he told me that he has to beg from other stores for any firearm and ammo and cant get his full inventory orders filled. Just cant keep enough of anything to satisfy all of the customers. He also convinced to go ahead and and buy bulk ammo because he was running out of what I used and couldnt promise that he would have any when I came back in, which is usually every two to three months.

    One of my hands told me a couple of months ago when he came back in from town, "Man, if it goes bang, everyone is buying them up". I really dont understand what is going on, but after seeing it for myself, I am starting to wonder.