Monday, January 9, 2012

High Powered Rifle May Make The Arizona Sheriff's Deputy Shooting Part of Another Mass Shooting

God forbid we restrict high powered rifles so they aren't used to kill people.

Where would the FUN be in that?

Every time someone is killed by firearms, it becomes a question of some people's pleasure versus other people's deaths.  Sometimes it is the SAME people's pleasure and / or death, when it is the pro-gunners who are also shot, as in the Skyway Washington shootings by the Mt. Rainier Ranger shootist.

In case readers are having trouble keeping the mass shootings straight, the Skyway Washington mass shooting was where two gun lunatics shot four other gun lunatics, and then one of the them shot and killed a park ranger, for good measure.

Since this latest shooting occurred on Sunday, while the other two shootings occurred on or around Friday; that may place them too far apart in time to qualify as a mass shooting for statistical purposes.  We won't know until a specific time of death is released. But since two people were killed by what now appears may be the same high powered rifle, that meets the minimum number of dead innocent victims for the stat counting criteria for mass shootings last week.

But hey, so long as the gun loons FEEL safer, it doesn't really matter if they really ARE safer, or if the rest of us are in greater danger, does it?  And so long as they are enjoying their delusional sense of power while playing with their lethal toys, it would ruin their pleasure if we required them to be, you know, responsible.

After all, just because it is illegal to sell a firearm to a prohibited person, we shouldn't expect them to actually FIND OUT if a person is prohibited before putting a firearm in that person's hand.  Because along with all that imaginary safety, that imaginary power they get from their firearm, they also gain the imaginary omniscience to know, just by looking at people, who is good and safe and who is not.  It would spoil their illusion to actually check; they might find out their impression was wrong.

And spoiling their illusion is far worse, in their minds, than being responsible, even when other people's lives are lost because of legal guns ending up in the hands of people who kill or rob or rape or just threaten other people.

So long as we keep the ILLUSION alive, it doesn't matter if we keep PEOPLE least, not in THEIR minds, or what passes for their minds.

In reading about the earlier shooting deaths of the two out of state tourists, I was caught by the phrase:
"It doesn't appear it was provoked in any way, that's what makes it so unusual and baffling for our detectives,"

From and the AP: