Thursday, February 16, 2012

Iowa Gun Owners Want More

The funny part is how many times the pro-gun voices cry about the gun-control slippery slope.  Look what they're trying to do in Iowa, greedy and self-centered that they are. Fortunately, it'll probably go the way of New Hampshire.


  1. Let's hope these bills pass and get signed. Notice that no one in the video seriously questions the basic right of gun owners.

  2. We saw how well the "gun free zones" worked in Ohio a couple of weeks back. How come if guns were prohibit, that kid was able to walk in and blow away 4 classmates while the teachers, et. al. were disarmed by the law? Yup . . . gun free zones = victim disarmament. Leaves us all naked in the face of aggressors.

    And then there are all the murderers, rapists and armed thieves that go down to their local sheriff's office and apply for a permit to carry a gun just before they pack and run off to shoot someone . . . NOT!

    gun-control = death for the innocent. It never works.

  3. Straight_Shooter, that's a self-justifying bullshit line that you've been fed by other gun-rights fanatics. Of course you like it and repeat it often.

    The problem is too many of you so-called lawful gun owners are actually unfit and irresponsible. Often the biggest headline grabber is a guy who up until the moment of committing the crime were one of you. As soon as he fucks up, you disown him and pretend he was part of the criminal element all along.

    The line between criminal gun owners and lawful gun owners is a big blurry gray area. That's why gun free zones are good and necessary.