Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Florida Gun Crime

I remind readers, every gun started out legal.  Every crime is because someone either used a legally obtained firearm for illegal purposes, which is common, or because they did not sufficiently exercise care in securing their firearm or in transferring their firearms to another legal owner for legal purposes.

We have so many illegal firearms, because we have so many legal ones.  In countries where there are fewer firearms, FREE countries, developed countries, there are far fewer crimes committed with firearms.  Their crime rate is lower, or involves far less serious force when it does occur than our gun violence.

These crimes, the notion that a firearm gives one person power over another, is the essence of our gun culture; it is entirely about controlling people, coercing people, threatening people, and if the world doesn't go your way, killing or injuring people.

From Ch 6 Miami News:

Two Men Sexually Assaulted Woman in Lauderdale Lakes: BSO

The sexual battery occurred in Lauderdale Lakes

By Lisa Orkin Emmanuel
|  Wednesday, Feb 15, 2012  |  Updated 1:48 PM EST
Deputies Search for 2 Men Accused of Rape
Broward Sheriff's Office
The Broward Sheriff's Office is investigating the rape.
Broward Sheriff's Office deputies were investigating Wednesday after a woman was sexually assaulted in Lauderdale Lakes by two men last week.
The 48-year-old woman was on State Road 7 at One United Bank at 2412 N.on Feb. 9. She was at the location at 5:30 a.m. to meet a coworker who was going to drive her to work, the sheriff's office said in a statement.
Two men approached her, one on a bicycle and another by foot. One man pointed a gun at her and forced her behind bushes near a drive-through teller, authorities said.
The second man hit and choked her. They sexually battered her and stole her phone and pocketbook before fleeing, the sheriff's office said.
Both men were dressed in black. Anyone with information was asked to contact authorities


  1. But she had a cell phone! How could this have happened?

    1. A better question is how did the bad guys get the firearm.

      Which gun loon screwed up?

      Fewer firerams consistently equate to fewer firearm crimes. Less lethal means to threaten or intimidate results in less success by the violent.

      Time to give up your gun lunatic fantasies.

      I'm predicting that the bank's security cameras are being a big help to law enforcement, and that by NOT trying to get the drop on two men at close quarters, by not trying to shoot them, this woman is alive rather than dead.

    2. I can't help but wonder as well if this is an example of Florida's horribly flawed carry licensing.

      Florida has given licenses to thousands of individuals for whom there are active warrants for crimes, and for numerous felons who ought NOT to clear any checking system.

      Florida is sloppy with guns and gun loons; that's why they have so many of these incidents -- and believe me, I'm just getting started on posting how BAD Florida is in terms of their management of guns and gun violence in their particular gun culture.

      Which is really a misnomer; it's more like gun anarchy, gun chaos, gun decadence and decay. Florida is becoming the equivalent of a third world state withint the United States, but then so is a lot of the south. Violence and guns, poor education, deplorable social services, and lower median income / greater wealth disparity.

      If you look at this site:

      ALL of the southern states are in the bottom half, and most of them are closer to the very bottom of the comparison.

      And they tend to be bigger on havin' their GUNZ, because that seems to go along with poor, and poorly edumacated.

    3. DG - if these two men approached her with only a knife in their hands do you think anything would have changed with this crime?

    4. Dog Gone, you're the one who asserted a while ago that a cell phone is a much better tool in self defense than a handgun. Here the woman had a cell phone. It wasn't much help, was it?

  2. "In countries where there are fewer firearms, FREE countries, developed countries, there are far fewer crimes committed with firearms. Their crime rate is lower, or involves far less serious force when it does occur than our gun violence."

    You've got a point there. If there were no firearms, there would be no crime with firearms, but that doesn't mean that there would be no crime.
    You are incorrect about lower crime rates but I see you covered yourself with "less serious force". A violent crime is a violent crime whether it's done with a firearm or baseball bat. There is no difference if someone pointed a gun at you and demanded your wallet, or threatened to hit you with a baseball bat. Both are violent acts.

    Free countries? You're not free when the government tells you that they've decided that they don't like your personal property and can demand that you turn it over to a government agent like in AU (violent crime rate 1024.3) or recently in CA (violent crime rate 899)where a police department reclassified a previously approved firearm as prohibited because of the way it looks, not because of a function of the firearm. Perhaps you were referring to the great UK, where a subject doesn't have a right not to incriminate himself, yeah, that's freedom at it's finest.

    dog gone said..."and that by NOT trying to get the drop on two men at close quarters, by not trying to shoot them, this woman is alive rather than dead."

    Yes, well, Shirley Bennett has a different story for you. She was able to pull a firearm in close quarters to stop an abduction by a sexual predator. But, of course, you'd prefer if she just stuck her finger down her throat.

  3. This incident illustrates how the woman would be alive, unharmed physically, and not a sexual assault victim had she had simple training and been armed. Consider the circumstances:
    (1) A 48 year old woman is alone.
    (2) It is 5:30 a.m. and dark outside.
    (3) A man approaches at such an odd hour.
    The woman should have immediately moved away to the side to increase the distance between herself and the first man. And she should have immediately put her hand on her firearm and been ready to draw. If the man changed direction to pursue her, then it was time to draw and be ready to shoot while still trying to back away and increase distance.

    The outcome was avoidable and it didn't involve trying to "get the drop" on two men at point blank range who already had a firearm pointed at the woman. And it didn't require spraying bullets wildly in all directions placing any bystanders (who were nonexistent at 5:30 a.m. anyway) at risk.

    The simple response that I described has two profound results. First, it forces the man to reveal if he has nefarious intentions: rather than standing there and wondering if he happens to be walking your direction, you force his hand if/when he purposely approaches you. Second, it keeps distance between the woman and the criminal. I cannot say it enough: you must maintain distance to unknown people in dangerous circumstances.

  4. Funny, the BSO who investigated a theft at our warehouse in Fl last November, told us that if we were on our property and an unauthorized person came over or through the fence, we had the right to defend ourselves and our property with deadly force.

    Seems like Law enforcement is just as pissed off at the criminals as the general populous. Just remember, when seconds count, law enforcement is many minutes away.

    1. Tough-talkin' macho man.

      With your attitude, you just might end up killing someone someday. Of course you'll say it was necessary even if it wasn't.

  5. Stay of of other peoples property and you wont get shot, or are you afraid because you cannot resist the statist urge to take the fruits of other peoples labors.

    Don't break into other peoples places of business and try to steal other peoples property and you won't get your dumb-ass shot.

    A little fear on the part of the criminal community can go a long way to curb crime.