Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Florida Neighborhood Watch Captain Kills Unarmed Teen

The parents of Florida teen are demanding that a neighborhood watch captain be arrested after their 17-year-old son was gunned down in February, possibly because his bag of Skittles was mistaken for a weapon.

The Retreat at Twin Lakes neighborhood watch leader George Zimmerman had called police to report Trayvon Martin as a suspicious person, but by the time the police arrived the young man was already dead.
Neighborhood watch guys, like many concealed carry guys, are inadequately trained and unfit to manage their guns responsibly. When that's combined with the vigilante mentality, people get hurt or dead.

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  1. This is a particularly egregious case of a local police chief protecting a boy he sees as one of his own. Chief Lee had actually attended one of the neighborhood watch meetings where a community member had complained about Zimmerman's overly aggressive tactics and even following him into his own home. This neighbor was ejected from that same meeting. Apparently this unemployed loser had studied criminal justice in college and has the sympathy of the chief. The same detective who has been assigned to this case. Conflict of interest? Personal friend? So Chief Lee asserts that there is nothing to counter Zimmerman's version of the story and thusly insufficient evidence to charge him with a crime. Perhaps that would be because the youth is now DEAD. A dead body is pretty good evidence to get things started on a legitimate investigation. The kid only weighed 140 pounds. He was murdered in cold blood. Already reactionary bloggers across the country have begun circling the wagons in defense of Zimmerman's questionable version of events.

    I mean there is absolutely nothing here to justify a killing. No break-in. No theft. No threat. No castle doctrine. Nothing except shooting an unarmed black teenager dead.

  2. "I mean there is absolutely nothing here to justify a killing...Nothing except shooting an unarmed black teenager dead."

    Well, see, there was something justifying the DGU*. The kid was LWB**, what more do you need to exonerate what was obviously a case of a big, bad man wit the gunz, fearin' for his life.

    If that fucking clown shot my kid, I would hound him to the end of his days.

    * Dumbfuck Gunz Uzer

    ** Living While Black

  3. What, no Greg Camp statement saying that we don't know all the facts and that the young man who was killed was prolly doin' sumpin' bad? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you!

    1. Democommie, I'll wait for more information. I wasn't on the scene, and I don't know the two involved. I prefer to know the subject before I speak about it.

  4. Greg Camp:

    "I prefer to know the subject before I speak about it."

    Geez, like you did the other day about the Maasai warriors in the photo?

    IF you weren't such an obnoxious dickhead know-it-all, you probably wouldn't look like one.

    1. Take a look at a map of Africa, if you can find said continent, and look where Kenya and Ethiopia are. Get back to me then. But didn't you notice the call for guesses about the picture? That's a different situation entirely, though I'm sure that you can't figure out what distinguishes them.

  5. Neighborhood Watch Leader? Captain? Are those descriptors his, the cops, the media or yours, Mikeb302000?

    I'm just wondering, 'cuz Zimmie doesn't look like officer material to me--'cept maybe on the stripmall PD.