Friday, August 30, 2013

Georgia Pre-schooler Takes Loaded Gun to School in his Backpack - Parents Reminded about Gun Safety

A preschooler in Griffin, Ga., shocked educators after showing up to school with a loaded gun in his backpack on Tuesday. The weapon’s presence was reported by another young student and subsequently discovered by a Jordan Hill Elementary School teacher
Officials acted promptly after the educator delivered the bag to the principal, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports. Both the police and the child’s parents were notified. The incident unfolded at the end of the school day.
Principal Anthony Aikens also used the Griffin-Spalding County School District’s call alert system to let all of the district’s parents know what had unfolded. On Wed., they will receive a letter that also details the incident.
While the student was disciplined, other pupils were reportedly not in any immediate danger. Still, the school has taken the incident seriously, with Aikens reminding parents to ensure that their children follow the district’s rules and regulations.
In Georgia, that's what they mean by taking it seriously - they remind parents.
This pathetic nonchalance is a big problem. Gun owners who allow children this young to have access to guns should be severely dealt with.
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  1. This is an appropriate response, considering that no one was injured. You always want the force of law to swoop in and impose punishments, but what was done here is reasonable.

  2. Pitiful. These parents endangered their kid and everyone who came in contact with him. They need real jail time and the removal of all guns from their home. Unfit parents. Every gun in the hands of a child must first pass through the hands of an adult.

  3. Reasonable? A 4-year-old was disciplined? Are you fucking kidding me? The kid was disciplined, whatever that means, and the owner of the gun got a general reminder along with all the other parents?

    Greg, could you ever imagine allowing something like that to happen personally, if you had a 4-year-old? Could you possibly ever in a million years allow such sloppy control of your weapons that one ended up in the kid's backpack?

    No, of course you couldn't. But why to you protect and support the irresponsible idiot who did that? Why are you so reluctant to call negligence and irresponsibility for what it is and condemn those who do it? How does that diminish your position? How does that hurt you?

    1. Mikeb, where did I defend the parents here? I'm talking about the school's response. Missed that, did you?