Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CCTV solves another case in Philadelphia

smile for the camera, asshole.
First, there was the Rian Thal murder which was solved in a couple of days because the shootings were caught on CCTVDr. Melissa Ketunuti's killer was found because the police canvassed the area and found CCTV footage of the exterminator she had hired in the area at the time she was killed.

Now, CCTV footage once again proves useful in tracking down a high profile case in Centre City Philadelphia.  The rape happened late Saturday night and the perp was being questioned on Monday.  He was charged on Tuesday.

Of course, most of the people with the CCTV cameras are not the "State", but are civic minded citizens who have enrolled in the Philadelphia Police Department's SafeCam programme.  In fact, that is pretty much how the "surveillance state" seems to be playing out.

Of course, CCTV is a lot more helpful than a gun for cutting down crime.  For example, the high profile use of CCTV pictures with facial recognition software were used to prosecute rioters after the 2011 British riots.

The same case with the Boston Marathon Bombers.

While one camera might not get proper pictures, another camera might get an image that makes it easy to identify the culprit.

Even if a camera is not a deterrent, the fact that it provides evidence which can convict criminals will lead to a strong deterrent effect.

On the other hand, how many guns are stolen and end up in the hands of criminals?

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