Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Big Bruvver, or community action?

A few days back, there was a brutal attack of two gay men in Centre City Philadelphia.   The key evidence in the attack is a video showing a group of about a dozen white men and women in their early 20s who are "clean cut" and well-dressed.

These are type of person I am expected to trust with a loaded firearm in a public place.

Anyway, the victims were able to identify their attackers from the above video.  The case was broken  after a Twitter sleuth identified the mob via photos and their social media accounts.

I should add that one of the victims lost his bag, which included a cell phone and credit card that was picked up by one of the women in the group.

Now, if the person who had lost his bag had a gun, would he have had the time to have used it?

Of course, despite this being a brutal attack, the people involved may not do jail time.

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  1. No, Laci, "these" are not the type of person you are expected to trust. You are expected to trust a nice clean cut white person, a 6'4" burly black guy, a short skinny black guy with dreds, that old Asian grandma walking down the street, the gay guy who cuts your hair, the straight guy that works right next to him, . . .

    In other words, you're supposed to trust your fellow citizens regardless of what box you put them into based on their skin tone and their dress.

    Stop projecting your own cripplingly racist presumptions on the rest of us, and spend a little time working on seeing people as people rather than pegs in need of sorting into the right holes.

    1. Ha. Gun nuts preaching about trusting people while you yourselves are armed at all times. Hypocrisy runs deep in you lot, to say it like Laci might. It's no wonder Kurt was right there with this one.

    2. You and Laci have trusted yourselves with guns in the past but don't want to trust most others with them. Laci even showed his colors as to who he'd trust or not.

      We trust ourselves with guns, and we trust our fellow citizens to own and carry them, regardless of their race, orientation, mode of dress, or part of town they come from.

      Your charges of hypocrisy on this issue are a laughable exercise in projection.

    3. Anonymous, first you're mischaracterizing us again. When you say we "don't want to trust most others with them," you're stretching the truth just a bit. I want to trust 50% of you.

      Secondly, what do you mean "we trust our fellow citizens to own and carry them?" Why do we hear so much talk about self defense? What's the need if you trust everyone?

    4. Why do we hear so much talk about self defense? What's the need if you trust everyone?

      What kind of head-in-the clouds fantasizer truts "everyone"? We know there are muggers, rapists, murderers, and "gun control" advocates out there. But, we treat every individual we encounter to not be one of those noxious species until he or she proves that trust to have been misplaced.

    5. I couldn't have answered you any better than Kurt did.

      As for your claim to trust 50% of us--that's the percentage you claim you would like to trust with owning guns, not carrying them, which you would set as a much smaller number--you've admitted as much in the past. And that initial 50% is a fraction of current gun owners, not society as a whole. Laci, meanwhile, hasn't indicated anyone he'd trust to own guns. Instead, he's just talked about how little he's supposed to trust clean cut white folk, and how he doesn't trust even them.

  2. As for your question, maybe he could have gotten to a gun and used it, maybe not. No way to tell since we don't have footage of the fight.

    And even if he couldn't, had someone else been carrying, or even been unarmed but decided to do the right thing and just grabbed whatever improvised weapon they could, this could have been stopped. Sadly, too few people are willing to step in and help out, and too few of those who do are armed well enough to scare off the gang of criminals, and they often get their own beating.

    As for the possibility of these attackers having a gun--if they assault someone like this and kill them, gun or no, or kill a bystander who tries to intervene, charge with first degree murder and go for the death penalty. May not deter every criminal, but it should be effective against cowardly bands of roving yuppy malefactors.

  3. "Sources say there was some kind of contact between a group of up to 12 people and the couple. The alleged assailants says someone in their group used a homophobic slur, sources tell us.
    However, sources say, the alleged assailants said the remark led to a mutual fight - with one of the gay men as the initial aggressor."

    Ah, the old fight starting because of being called a name. And then of course, those accused are not playing fair by bringing legal counsel with them to the police station, and likely listening to their lawyer and not incriminating themselves.
    A wise move in my opinion, since people are talking about getting the federal government involved. I would imagine that they were read their rights when the interview started.

  4. "These are type of person I am expected to trust with a loaded firearm in a public place."

    You should try to get over the preconception that only straight white males carry guns,

    "Thirty-one states allow all qualified citizens to carry concealed weapons. In those states, homosexuals should embark on organized efforts to become comfortable with guns, learn to use them safely and carry them. They should set up Pink Pistols task forces, sponsor shooting courses and help homosexuals get licensed to carry. And they should do it in a way that gets as much publicity as possible. "


    If the two are the victims they claim to be and the attack was unprovoked, then I can but hope someone steers them to this group,

    "Welcome to the Delaware Valley chapter of the Pink Pistols!
    This chapter serves the greater Philadelphia area, including Philadelphia, its suburbs, southern New Jersey, and northern Delaware. We welcome anyone to join us at our monthly Lunch 'n Shoots, or to join in discussions on our Yahoogroup mailing list. In the future, we may also be adding a Google+ community, and other social media connections."


    1. The gun loons answer to street violence; teach everyone to shoot to kill. That will lessen violence HA HA HA HA HA It will give morticians lots of business.

    2. Well, there are only so many options available when an angry mob sets its sights on you. Of course, there are still two versions of what transpired there.

    3. Sorry, your idea of utopia society where everyone carries a gun is a Sci-Fi fiction and goes against everything society has tried to do to build a peaceful society over the centuries. It is gun loons like you that want to destroy that, and violent America with it's 30,000 gun shot deaths a year is proof of your violent approach to life and your idea of a peaceful, perfect society. The results and facts prove your ideological failure. Those same facts prove the more guns, the more gun shot deaths. Reality is not a gun loons forte.

  5. http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/cleveland-hate-crimes-unreported/

    orlin sellers

  6. Yes I would trust two gay men with guns, and maybe if thwy had been armed they could have defended themselves against those evil breeders....

  7. Of course, despite this being a brutal attack, the people involved may not do jail time.

    I sure hope they hire you as counsel.....