Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Atlantic City Votes to Ban Toy Guns

Fake guns
Shawn Bertke, manager of Rich's Pawn Shop in Dayton, Ohio, has two guns for sale that look virtually alike. At left is a $45 Crosman BB gun; the other is a $1,200 real AR-15 rifle. (Chris Stewart/Dayton Daily News/MCT) (Chris Stewart)

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Atlantic City officials voted last week to ban the sale of toy guns.

Gladys Luardo-Hemple said she doesn't allow her grandchildren to play with the toy guns, and believes children need to learn what they are, even if they are fake.

"Parents need to talk to the kids and explain the dangers of guns," Gladys Luardo-Hemple said. "Some of these toys look so sophisticated, they look real."

The ban, introduced by Police Lt. James Sarkos to Atlantic City Council, prohibits the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms, except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns.
Paulsboro Police Chief Chris Wachter said he doesn't know how much of an impact the ban would have until a study was conducted.

"It's a very serious issue across the country, the toy guns are very realistic in the weight, the way they're designed," Wachter said. "If it didn't have the bright orange tip, you'd have no idea it was a toy AK-47."


  1. "Ban them sumbitches?" Which "sumbitches" would that be--the idiotic ones who ban toys?

    When you outlaw toy guns, only outlaws will raise kids worth a damn.

    1. And you wonder why I consider you a lunatic and fanatic? You're actually saying that raising kids with toy guns is necessary for them to be "worth a damn."

    2. Just until they're ready for real ones. My apologies for not making that clear previously.

    3. A true example of gun loon thinking.

  2. They should ban the real AK-47

  3. Oh, good Lord. This stupid harridan wants to ban toy guns at the Lexington Battle Green Halloween Parade.

    I really loved this part:

    Frymer, who approached the parent of the boy with the plastic assault weapon last year, was asked to leave Panera for questioning the parents.

    Adds a bit of perspective on the anti-gun Panera "victory," doesn't it?