Friday, September 26, 2014

Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan Poses with an Evil Black Assault Rifle

from ssgmarkcr

I couldn't pass this one up considering the recent talk of irresponsible conservative politicians and their support from pro gun groups.  This even sort of applies to your post regarding to pro gun politicians being photographed holding guns to garner votes.  Well, it seems that antigun politicians aren't immune either. 

    In this case, its incumbent Rick Nolan, who is being challenged by Republican Stuart Mills III.  Then Mr. Nolan spoke about his campaign at my class on state and local government in Brainerd when he was challenging and won the seat from Republican incumbent Chip Cravaak.  After his talk, I had the opportunity to ask him up front his position on Second Amendment issues, and as most politicians do, he said he supported it.  However, when asked if he supported the DFL Party platform, claimed he hadn't read it yet, said hunters don't need an assault rifle (his words), then rushed off claiming an appointment.
    So imagine my surprise/glee when this politician who makes no secret of his wish to ban assault weapons apparently tweets a photo of himself holding one of those evil rifles.

    The photograph's depiction of not only his hypocrisy and his weapon handling technique needless to say supplies ammo (pun intended) to his opponents. 

"The Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee has offered to pay for firearms training for Democratic congressman Rick Nolan at the chain of retail stores owned by the family of his Republican opponent, Stewart Mills.
The offer came in response to a picture posted to Nolan’s Twitter account Wednesday showing the congressman holding an AR-15 rile with his finger on the trigger while surrounded by supporters."

Gun rights have emerged as a key issue in the Eighth Congressional District race. Mills released a campaign ad this summer that claimed Nolan is among the politicians who “have no respect for the Second Amendment.”
Nolan earned a ‘F’ rating The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund, but dismissed Mills’ ad as a “big lie, smear tactic.” Nolan aides said the congressman declined comment on Strawser’s offer.
“The basic rules of firearms safety, taught to students as young as 12 in [Minnesota Department of Natural Resources] hunter safety classes, state clearly that one’s finger should be kept off the trigger until ready to shoot,” Strawser said.
“It’s nothing short of hypocritical for Mr. Nolan to be photographed at what appears to be a campaign event while holding an AR-15 rifle,” Strawser said. “Mr. Nolan has specifically called for a ban on the very rifle he is holding in this photograph.”
The Minnesota Gun Owners PAC offered to buy firearms training for Nolan at Mills Fleet Farm Indoor Shooting location in Baxter.

But the political point was to challenge a Nolan assertion. During an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” said that “I don’t need an assault rifle to shoot a duck or protect my family.”

    This campaign holds a personal interest to me in that I live in the 8th District and am also a member of the PAC who has kindly offered to show the good Congressman the proper way to hold a firearm.  In fact, I recently won 1,600 rounds of ammo at a fundraising drawing for the group.


  1. A politician pandering to voters, you got a big surprise story there.

    1. A quote from SS from a post on this site just the other day:
      "Of course, she is but a politician, and such behavior is to be expected."

    2. "A quote from SS from a post on this site just the other day:"

      Good job Anon, you actually quoted someone. A first for you I think. Assuming you're the same Anon that typically finds fault with everything I say.
      Like most people, I always hold out hope that political and government figures will live up to what citizens expect of them. I honestly cant imagine what Mr. Nolan was thinking having a photo taken of him holding a firearm he believes should be banned for civilian ownership.
      I've actually been to that range mentioned in the article and have purchased several firearms there. One thing I find especially amusing is that while its unlikely that Mr. Nolan will take advantage of the offered training if he did he would get quite a surprise.
      Prior to being allowed to use the range, shooters are required to watch a video that goes over both rules of the range and safety. The person in the video demonstrating the rules and safety is none other than his opponent, Stuart Mill III. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when that happened.

    3. Just pointing out YOUR hypocrisy.

    4. I think hypocrisy is a bit strong, both for the silly Congressman and for the most reasonable gun-rights advocate we have, ssgmarkcr.

    5. I disagree that a person who has proven to be a consistent liar, is most reasonable. His false apologies prove his insincerity.

    6. Man, you're really got it in for ssgmarkcr. I find Kurt and TS to be much worse.

    7. You used to call me "the reasonable one" [sniffle sniffle].

    8. Are you sure about that? I know my memory isn't as good as yours, but I can't really imagine such an occasion.