Tuesday, September 23, 2014

More BAD Pro-gun conservative political candidates

From Minnesota again, this time courtesy of the City Pages about MN GOP endorsed, pro-gun state legislature candidate Roger Weber:

MNGOP Candidate Roger Weber Literally Sawed Neighbor's Garage In Half [PHOTO]

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His "Issues" section may be blank, but it's safe to infer Weber is a big backer of chainsaw rights.

Roger Weber, the MNGOP-endorsed challenger for DFL incumbent Carly Melin's northern Minnesota House seat, faces a civil trial this week for sawing his neighbor's rural Nashwauk Township garage in half last year.

Why in God's name would he do such a thing, you ask? Because according to a Forum Communications report, Weber claims the half of the garage he mowed down was built decades ago by his father on land he now owns, but he doesn't want it on his property anymore. Meanwhile, the owner of the other half of the garage, Mark Besemann, acknowledges the property line dispute, but claims Weber acted unreasonably in resolving things with a power saw rather than peaceful negotiations.
Further down, the City Pages makes a passing reference again to the MN GOP endorsed candidate for Supreme Court, Michele L. MacDonald, and to the candidate Weber. The owner of the half-garage: Besemann, however, told Forum such behavior is reflective of a person "that isn't thinking properly." That would seem to apply as well to not only Weber, but MacDonald, and to Oregon candidate Wehby too. It's a fair concern that those who are pro-gun do not make a good case for widespread gun ownership when they stalk people, lie and plagiarize, obstruct justice and drive dangerously, and lie about being police officers (especially if under the influence of alcohol) or if they do erratic things like destroy garages with chain saws rather than seek resolution through the court system.

People who behave erratically, who are dishonest, and who don't 'think properly' demonstrate that they lack the personal qualities for public office, and arguably are not sufficiently responsible or capable of sound decision making relative to gun ownership EITHER.

One last little tidbit from the same City Pages article:
A poll released yesterday found that the incumbent MacDonald is challenging, Justice David Lillehaug, has an 86-point lead over her.
I don't know what candidate Melin's lead is over candidate Weber this time, but in 2012 she beat him by 42 points, 71 to 29% of the vote. I'm guessing with this garage sawing incident, in spite of being a mid-term election, that lead will go up, possibly as high as the Lillehaug lead over MacDonald.


  1. What's Leland Yee up to these days?

    1. "What's Leland Yee up to these days?"

      A very good question Anon. It looks like there are enough California Democrats in trouble with the law that they have likely formed a support group.

      "Wright is one of four Democratic state senators facing legal trouble. State Sen. Leland Yee is facing charges in a weapons trafficking case, State Sen. Ron Calderon is accused of accepting compensation to get legislation passed, and State Sen. Ben Hueso was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.
      Currently, the three senators who remain in office are still being paid. Two of the three senators still facing legal troubles have been officially suspended, but are still being paid because of a legal opinion from the state’s Legislative Counsel Bureau. That opinion states the legislature can’t take action on their salaries, because of a constitutional amendment passed in 1990. The body created by that amendment, however, can only change benefits across the board in the California legislature, not on an individual basis.
      Wright was sentenced on Friday to 90 days in Los Angeles County jail for lying about his legal residence. He was convicted of perjury in January of lying about his residence in the first of three unrelated cases against state lawmakers that cast a shadow over the Legislature."


      Usually you have to be an Illinois Democrat to come across so many crooked politicians at once.

  2. You seem to dedicate a lot of time spewing hatred against candidates that have no hope of winning the election.

    1. No one is 'spewing hatred'. We are however appropriately criticizing those who should never have been endorsed, and who are pro-gun while demonstrating they lack the kind of judgement to possess one.

  3. Things seem to be getting interesting on the DFL side of the aisle in my home state too. It will be interesting to see the resulting ethics investigation. Though at the very least, we seem to have inadequate supervision,

    "State Sen. Jeff Hayden abruptly quit the Community Action of Minneapolis board Tuesday, demanding that the embattled nonprofit’s longtime leader also resign.
    It was another day of growing turmoil for an organization that has been under fire after a state audit concluded that Bill Davis, who has been chief executive of the group that serves low-income Minneapolis for more than two decades, misspent more than $800,000 in taxpayer dollars.
    Hayden, DFL-Minneapolis, called the audit’s findings an “inexcusable misuse of public funds” by Davis. “If these findings are shown to be true, Mr. Davis should resign.”
    Hayden and other Community Action board members are facing intense questions themselves for failing to oversee the spending of the organization. Some of them may also have benefited from the hundreds of thousands of dollars the audit said was spent on numerous trips, a celebrity cruise, spas, golf and other expenses.
    Republicans have called a Wednesday news conference to announce an ethics complaint against Hayden for “using his elected office for personal gain,” but he denied any improprieties.
    Hayden said he and his wife, who served as his alternate on the board, attended the organization’s retreat at Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria, but that he paid his own way.
    “To be clear, neither Terri nor I accepted compensation for any cruises, spas, vacations to the Bahamas, or any inappropriate, non-board activities,” Hayden said."

    "In addition to the Senate ethics complaint, Minneapolis public schools officials say Hayden and Sen. Bobby Joe Champion, a Democrat, threatened to withhold state aid if the district did not award a contract to a North Side community organization, Community Standards Initiative."

    "Hayden is the second high-profile politician to leave the organization in as many days. Democratic U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison stepped down from the board Monday after reviewing the audit."


    1. Minnesota politics is full of kooks, bimbos, frauds, and criminals; agreed.
      Pawlenty took Minnesota from a 600 million dollar surplus to an over 5 Trillion dollar debt (onlt took him 8 years to do that) and of course the bridge fell down. The same irresponsible financial policies the national Republican party followed that led to our 18 Trillion dollar national debt.

    2. And yet, unlike Weber, unlike Wehby, unlike MacDonald, there is not really any credible evidence that any of the Dems did anything wrong. Sayin' isn't proving here, especially given some of the problems with the Mpls public schools.
      So far as I've seen, both Ellison and Hayden, while serving on the board, provided proxies to do the actual supervision, which makes sense, especially for Ellison, since he is frequently in Washington DC serving in Congress.

      I have yet to see anyone come up with any evidence that any Democratic politician received anything in appropriate.

      Some of the worst excesses of Davis and his agency occurred under the Republicans, both legislative majorities and holding the governor's position.
      It's what you leave out that matters here Sarge; MPR did a pretty thorough retrospective of the agency in their news coverage.

      None of these people on the Dem side have been caught stalking (and there are others doing that in the past on the right among the MN politicians), or doing massive destruction like Weber, or hauled into court for other reasons, much less be court ordered to undergo psychological evaluation like MacDonald.

    3. "Pawlenty took Minnesota from a 600 million dollar surplus to an over 5 Trillion dollar debt (onlt took him 8 years to do that) and of course the bridge fell down."

      Ah, Anon, do you truly want to invoke the military definition of Commander or Leader on elected officials? We can if you'd like, though doing so wont necessarily bode well for liberals.
      Here is the definition,

      " In the Army, there is an old saying that the commander is responsible for everything the unit does or fails to do."

      And something that many politicians would not like to follow,

      "● A commander can delegate authority but not
      responsibility. Authority refers to who is in charge,
      while responsibility refers to who is accountable.
      ● A commander is responsible but very often
      not in control."


      Been there, done that, got the ass chewings.

    4. Typical gun loon theory, he was not in control. You truly are laughable. Pawlenty had nothing to do with it. HA HA HA HA HA

  4. It seems as if there is certainly something that needs looking at. What was the term you used? "unindicted co-conspirator" In light of the amount of money mishandled, there will likely be some sort of criminal investigation, something also mentioned while listening to MPR yesterday.
    Then I imagine there will be some sort of paper trail of where the money went, sworn statements, people throwing each other under the bus, etc. It will be interesting to see where it leads.

    "Senate Republicans will file an ethics complaint against DFL Sen. Jeff Hayden for allegedly using his influence to attain a contract for a north side community organization an for his involvement with the embattled Community Action of Minneapolis. "



    1. So far there seem to be fingers pointing only at one person, Davis. That the MN GOP are looking for any and every distraction, given their candidates is understandable.
      There appears to be ZERO personal benefit to Hayden in trying to get money for a community in Mpls that I think most people would agree needs a lot of assistance, for a lot of problems.
      Nothing I've seen so far shows any legitimacy to that MN GOP complaint --- and let's face it, they are far from clean either. Remember Tony Sutton, the 2 million or so in debt, etc. --- the MN GOP is not good with money or supervising those who handle it, and given THEIR 'cooked books' and refusal to have an actual audit, and some of their dirty money activities, they are in no position to throw any stones here.