Saturday, November 15, 2014

For those of you who may have missed it...

The current political map of Europe is fairly recent.  I would add that this doesn't even cover the ethnicities which one finds in Europe:


  1. When Churchill drew the lines his way, I wonder how much thought he put in to tribal, ethnic, cultural history and concerns?

  2. Interesting. Makes you wonder how America decides which border wars to get involved in over there. For example - do we need to be doing anything about the dispute between what is now Russia and Ukraine? Who is to say who really should be in charge of that area?

    1. Might makes right? Putin put tens of thousands of troops there, so he just forced his decision on the area. Kind of like Hitler saying, this land belongs to Germany, so I will just invade, kill, and force them to be part of Germany. America should not be there forcing anything, but then I suppose England will just give it to Putin and hope that ends Putin's goal to force those small countries back to the control of the old USSR.