Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day Poppy - Captain Beefheart

I cry but I can't buy
Your Veteran's Day poppy
It don't get me high
It can only make me cry
It can never grow another
Son like the one who warmed me my days
After rain and warmed my breath
My life's blood
Screamin' empty she crys
It don't get me high
It can only make me cry
Your Veteran's Day poppy.


  1. Thank a Vet? For What?
    Putting themselves in harms way for whichever idiot is temporarily residing in the White House at the time? Or for the war profiteers?
    Which freedom or liberty have they protected?
    Near as I can tell, everyone of the rights in the Bill of Rights is under siege by all three branches of government. Our principles and foundation of our very country are being ripped apart by domestic enemies of our culture.
    Excuse me if I look on these saps as nothing more than mercenaries out for benefits.
    No one can deny that many have a physical courage, but 99.99% lack the moral courage to defend the Constitution from its enemies.
    Needless to say, today, or any other day, I will not be thanking or honoring a veteran.

    orlin sellers

    1. I agree with part of your comment. A recent Salon article captured it pretty well I thought.