Friday, November 14, 2014

Kids with Guns in Florida - 8-Year-old Shot in the Head

Local news reports

When a bullet hit an 8-year-old boy in the head, the children left alone inside the Deland house turned to their neighbor two doors down, Eddie Nealy, for help.
"I have a young boy here and his sister said she accidentally shot him with a pistol," Nealy is heard telling the 911 operator Wednesday evening.
In the background, the boy's 9-year-old sister is heard sobbing in the background, apologizing to her younger brother.
Police said the little girl found a gun inside their house on South Parsons Avenue and shot her brother, Bloved Guinn.
Despite a bullet to the head, Nealy said the boy was able to walk himself over to his house and he was talking and crying.
"Was it accidental, baby?" Nealy asked the sister.
"Yes," she said.
"Yes, it was accidental," Nealy told the dispatcher.
"Because I love him," she said.
Deland police said the young children were home alone and two older siblings were supposed to be watching the kids, but the teens were gone to the store when the shooting happened.
Police have not charged anyone in the shooting and said they still need to talk to the mother to determine if any crime happened.
"To determine if any crime happened?"  Whhaaat?


  1. Mom isn't going anywhere. And the gun appears to belong to mom this time.

    "Police are questioning the victim's mother, 39-year-old Tonya Charles. She wasn't home at the time of the shooting, but police said the gun belonged to her.
    According to Florida law, she could face a felony charge for negligence because the boy was injured by an improperly stored weapon."

    "Police said they've been called to the house 20 times in the last year, mostly for minor disturbances."

    1. Yes, sometimes it is the mom. I wonder if they've decided if any crime had occurred yet?

  2. Because gun loon idiots think it's an infringement on their rights to have to use a gun safe.