Friday, May 15, 2015

Kentucky Sheriff On Suspect Shot By Deputy: 'We Are Glad That He Is White'

Huffington Post link provided by George Jefferson with the following remark, which, hopefully, he'll elaborate upon:

"Pigs being Pigs ....or racism?"


  1. George,

    You don't normally refer to cops as being pigs? That's from the anti-war riots of the 1960s. It didn't last very long in popular culture. Yes, I think it is racism. It's a new form of passive-aggressive racism. There was absolutely no reason for the chief to make such a stupid remark unless he was lashing out in anger at new standards of accountability. It does reflect a basic human fallibility.

    1. Actually I have never stopped hearing the use of Pigs FJ and I use it myself on occasion....I dont think it was racism I think the cops were happy they killed a white person because they know it is unlikely to spur any riots...and less likely to draw unwanted attention to their use of excessive force.Only when all citizens become outraged each time the police use excessive force regardless of the race of the victim or the perpetrator unlike what we have seen recently and only when people stop destroying neighborhoods in outrage will we as a one people be able to stop the violence perpetrated by the Gov upon the people of this country...every time there is outrage based upon race it plays right into the hands of those that seek to divide and control the people giving them exactly what they want....more excuses to complain that they need more control over us to make us safe and more money for the continued militarization of all law enforcement...One race the human race nothing else

    2. I agree with Flying Junior. The word "pigs" to refer to cops is passe'.

    3. It seems to me to be more of a commentary on the current state of affairs. Considering what we saw in ferguson, the rage and riots begin well before the facts come out and in reality in that situation the facts didn't/don't matter to the narrative. Political correctness and social justice have replaced actual justice as the narrative, regardless of the actual facts of the situation become the prevailing wisdom.