Friday, July 24, 2015

Civilian 'Guard' Fires Gun While 'Protecting' Military Recruiting Center In Ohio

Huffington Post

Volunteer civilian "guards" have been kicked off the grounds outside a military recruiting center in Lancaster, Ohio, after one of them accidentally fired his weapon
No one was injured.

"Listen, it was a mistake. No one was injured and I owned up to it immediately with the police," 28-year-old Christopher Reed, who is accused of firing the shot, told the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette. "I'm glad no one was hurt. I am willing to take the punishment."

His gun was confiscated pending a court appearance next week.

Armed volunteers have been turning up at military recruiting centers since the shooting deaths of four marines and a sailor last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They say they want to protect recruiters, who are not armed. 

“They won’t give these guys any weapons to carry or keep in a safe. If we don’t do it, who is going to do it?" armed volunteer and Marine veteran Kenneth Casteel, who had been keeping watch over the recruiting center where the shot was fired, told the Columbus Dispatch prior to the incident. "It’s a matter of safety.”

Reed was apparently trying to clear the ammunition in his AR-15 rifle when he accidentally fired a shot into the ground, according to WCBE, an NPR station in central Ohio.  

"I was out here and was talking to a guy who wanted to look at my AR-15," Reed told the Eagle-Gazette. "I was trying to clear the weapon and hand it over to him when it went off. I thought it was empty and must have missed it."


  1. Playing with a gun. It never ends.

  2. Bob Owens sums the situation up pretty well,

    "Reed was playing “show and tell” and was trying to clear his a rifle so that he could to hand to someone who wanted to look at it.
    You know, like any good guard would do…"

    1. So any "good guard" would dangerously fire off his gun while handing it to someone else? Your idea of gun handling safety, is criminally dangerous.

    2. If you had actually read the article I cited Anon, you would have seen that Bob Owens was illustrating the real guards and police don't hand their weapons over to others while on duty.

  3. Which only proves why he's to stupid to own a gun and it's dangerous for those idiots to be out there.