Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Comment on Bob S.'s Blog

Here's the link to that post on Bob's.

Patrick, Hopefully Bob will accept this comment because I'd like to respond to what you said.

I haven't used the moderation function nor have I deleted a comment in several months. The reason for that is that there's been very little offensive stuff since Mike W. and Bob stopped coming around. And, for some reason, Weer'd, one of the greatest offenders, has been quite well behaved as far as his comments go.

So, you're wrong about that part. I'm sure it was an honest mistake because you haven't been coming around either, otherwise it would mean you, even you were stretching the truth.

So my question stands. How can a self-proclaimed defender of freedom and rights justify such a petty and pissy action as removing the link back to a commenter's site?

About that fire extinguisher comparison, let me say this. The possibility of using it to save the day, like you might use a gun in certain circumstances is a valid parallel, but the similarity ends there. No one is stealing your fire extinguisher and killing people with it. Your teenage son is not using it to bash his brains out because he got into crank and his girlfriend left him. You're not accidentally lending or selling your fire extinguisher to a prohibited person who uses it to do criminal violence.

All those things and more are happening with the guns of people just like you every day.

What's your opinion? Do you see some incongruity when one of these pro-rights characters removes links or blocks comments?

What about that comparison between guns and fire extinguishers? Does that one work for you?

Please leave a comment.


  1. BTW I can't see how somebody avoided combat service like George W. Bush can comment like you do.

    Aren't we all sick of cowards like that?

  2. Deleting links and deleting/blocking comments on one's own blog violates no one's rights. Your right to free speech does not impose on anyone the obligation to invite you onstage, and provide you with a microphone.

  3. There are probably still fewer gun blogs that delete comments than there are anti-freedom blogs that allow them. And since pro-gun blogs out number anti-freedom websites by well more than a thousand to one, that is saying something.

    "What about that comparison between guns and fire extinguishers? Does that one work for you?"

    Yes, you are many times more likely to be a victim of a violent crime than to be killed by fire yet no one considers anyone that buys a fire extinguisher as paranoid.

  4. Aww look, the attention whore is whining.

  5. As Zorro says, there is no right for anyone to comment on anyone's blog.

    However, I'll note that most gunloon blogs delete the comments of those they disagree with. And then they'll pat themselves on the back for not having anyone disagree with them.

  6. However, I'll note that most gunloon blogs delete the comments of those they disagree with.

    And JadeGold the pathological liar strikes again! It's almost like he can't help himself.

  7. Jade: “However, I'll note that most gunloon blogs delete the comments of those they disagree with.”

    I’d bet they delete YOUR comments- and they probably didn’t start off that way, but rather banning you after becoming thoroughly annoyed. But since you and Mike are the only ones who post on pro-gun blogs, maybe there is some truth in your statement.

  8. Zorro's right there's no obligation or right involved. It's still a bit funny when someone touts themselves as a champion of rights and does that petty and shabby crap.

    Breda for example made a big huffing and puffing exercise of banning me from her blog after I challenged her on a couple of videos in which she did some stupid shit. There were even a couple of pro-gun commenters who admitted I was right, but the avanlache of outrage that I'd question one of their darlings was tremendous.

    That's the shabby bullshit that they do, Breda and Bob S.

  9. If you acknowledge that a given action violates no rights, how can you simultaneously argue that there's any inconsistency in a champion of rights taking that action? It seems to me that you're implying hypocrisy on the part of Bob S., and if that is what you're doing, I call bullshit.

  10. I don't know if I actually used the word "hypocrisy," I might have but I'm not sure.

    I have no doubt that if I did, more than one of you guys who keep score of such things will tell us.

    How about if I describe this behaviour of Bob's as assholish, petty, petulant, adolescent silly and the manifestation of an obsessive dislike of yours truly?

    Would that clarify it for you?

  11. I don't think you used the word hypocrisy--that's why I said you implied hypocrisy, and I stand by that.

    As for all the other descriptions you have now decided to apply to Bob S's actions, you're entitled to your opinion, and (luckily for you) opinions don't have to make any sense to anyone but the holder of those opinions.

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