Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The CSGV on the Reform and Modernization Act

Completely in agreement with Paul Helmke, The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence published a statement dondemning the proposed new legislation.

H.R. 2296/S. 941 would make it virtually impossible for ATF to shut down rogue gun dealers, including those who repeatedly violate federal law. The legislation would require ATF to show that a dealer knew the specific law he/she was violating and intentionally disregarded that law, an extremely high and difficult burden of proof. It would also allow dealers who have their licenses revoked to transfer their remaining inventory to their "private collection" and sell these guns for 60 days without conducting background checks on purchasers!

What's your opinion?

1 comment:

  1. Gee, I'm stunned. The brady-bunchers agree with the brady-bunchers that the fed.gov doesn't have enough money or power to interfere with people's rights.

    Wow, let me sit down for a minute to take that all in.