Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The First Ground Zero Mosque

Laci put together a very informative post containing details that must have been all but censored up till now.

But the real kicker is that the Real ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Was on the 17th Floor of the World Trade Center’s South Tower!

Did you know that? How is it possible that in all the discussions about the so-called Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero, this is never mentioned?

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  1. Well, before 9 years ago it wasn't called "ground zero".

  2. Here's an interesting New York Islamaphobe--United States Representative Peter King (R-NY), who once complained that there were "too many mosques" in the U.S. Typical Republican hate-monger, eh?

    Well, actually, he's also a forcible citizen disarmament extremist, having introduced a bill to empower the Attorney General to unilaterally declare anyone he fancies to be a "suspected terrorist," and prohibit him from buying guns, and another bill to form a nationwide database of stolen guns (for some reason), require the "Real ID" abomination for gun purchases, and other outrages.

    Put you in a bind, Mikeb? Is he a bigoted asshole, or one of your heroes of "gun control"? It's easy for me--he's both, and in both ways despicable.

  3. > If anything, the protests by fundamentalist Christians are just as bad as the original attacks.

    Laci's owner needs to consult both his Alpha male and a honour student before claiming that buring a dozen "holy" books is just as bad as burning nearly 3,000 innocent people.

  4. VD should read my works on religious tolerance.

    Loonie priests, people who protest mosques, and those who claim that the US is anything other than a secular state hurt the US's image as a religiously tolerant state. It is the US being religiously tolerant and fair that prevents it from being attacked.

    When it acts as the world's bully, it helps add to the terrorism problem.


  5. > It is the US being religiously tolerant and fair that prevents it from being attacked.

    Oh, right.

    Our tolerance is exactly why this mosque inside the world trade center existed to be attacked.

    Our tolerance is exactly why so many Muslims were included in the death toll.

    Sure intolerance is a reason for terrorism. But it is not intolerance on our side.

    No image for this post. I did a image search for "muslim tolerance" and was quite disturbed.

    Come on Laci's owner, even a flea-bitten mutt shelter dog can see you're contradicting yourself.