Monday, September 13, 2010

Murder - Suicide

You can't blame this one on gun availability.


  1. Nope, but as we have always pointed out, you CAN blame it on the criminal. The tool is irrelevant.

  2. And as I've always pointed out, this is rarer than hens' teeth.

  3. People getting stabbed is not rare. Happens all the time, but it doesn't always make the news.

    Criminals using a knife to stab multiple victims to death is rare.

    Knives can be lethal, but require the attacker to get close and remain close. Guns allow for distance. Therefore, from the persepctive of an attacker, the gun is preferable. They can ambush and subdue or kill their victim from relative safety. It is also preferable to the defender, since it allows him or her to keep the attacker at a distance.

    You see this story as an example of gun availability and how if we could just take away enough guns from enough people, things like this wouldn't happen, even though it just did.
    (or things like this wouldn't happen: )

    We see it as an example of a determined criminal using another tool and commiting his crime anyway, even though he didn't have a gun. So, gun control didn't save these two people. If anything, it could be blamed for killing them because it possibly prevented them from having a firearm to defend themselves.

  4. Like I said, rarer than hens' teeth.