Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oklahoma City Shooting

The shooter probably knew the victim. But I wonder if anyone is checking if this guy had a concealed carry permit. And if he has, are they reporting it to the folks who compile the statistics that John Lott and others always reference? There was no mention of that, so I wondered if maybe that fact was just overlooked.

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  1. Who cares?


    What difference does it make if he carried it legally?

    Does that change what he did?

    If he did hold a permit, he is now one of the famous 10% (of one percent of permit holders) of revocations:

    > [from 1996-2002] Oklahoma has revoked only one-tenth of one percent of the licenses it has issued.
    Revocation can occur for obvious reasons, such as any infraction that would prevent original issuance of a permit. Some reasons are not so obvious, such as failure to pay student loans
    and credit card abuse. The death of a permit holder is also included in these revocation reasons.

  2. Since the overwhelming majority of CCW holders are lawful, the odds are pretty good that he did not have a license.

  3. I'm sure JadeGold is all over it. Even if he can't find evidence that the person was a concealed carry holder he will lie and say that he was.

  4. Definitely a CCW holder and NRA member. Mark my words.

  5. "Mark my words"--meaning, I'll be wrong again, but please don't stop paying attention to me.

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  7. "Definitely a CCW holder and NRA member. Mark my words.

    Well, at least you're consistent!

  8. Van Dyke, I agree with you, who cares, except for the fact that guys like FWM, influenced by the ridiculous stats of John Lott, keep saying that CCW guys are more law abiding than the others.

    About the 10%, you got it all wrong. This guy would have been a member of the 10% club before the shooting. If he was really good at disguising his insanity, no one would have suspected it. After the shooting he's just another criminal.