Sunday, September 12, 2010

Texas Gun Dealer Goes to Jail

Fox News reports on the fascinating case.

"Agents witnessed the Defendant (Copeland) negotiate a price for a handgun with Hipolito Aviles, who then handed cash to a second Hispanic male, who then handed Aviles' cash and his own identification to the defendant."

How anyone can claim this Copeland character should not go to jail, is beyond me. If their only complaint is that the straw purchaser escaped prosecution, I agree. He should go to jail too, and be deported. But Mr. Copeland is a perfect example of what too many gun dealers do.

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Mikeb:

    But Mr. Copeland is a perfect example of what too many gun dealers do.

    Which "many"? Where's your evidence? Got none?


  2. No, Zorro, he said "too many" as in "more than zero are breaking the law". That's a point I can agree with MikeB on.

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  4. Oops--you're right, Kevin H.--I missed the "too." And you're also right that the only number that would be low enough for Mikeb's satisfaction is zero.

    I would wager, in fact, that even if that number were zero, Mikeb would insist on treating every gun dealer with maximum suspicion, and calling for even more hoops to be placed in the way of commerce in firearms than have already been inflicted on the once-free American people.

  5. Ah, another example of the ATF enforcing those “unenforceable gun laws”.

  6. Yes, what number is low enough? Let's say that you guys think it's low enough right now and I don't. Whether it's .007% or 10%, you say it's good enough like it is, I say it's not.

    Fair enough.

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  8. Thanks Brandon, that's quite a racket you've got there. I expect a piece of the action if any of my commenters sign up.

  9. From the article:

    But agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives testified that Copeland should have known that Huerta was buying the gun for Aviles.

    How dare he sell firearms when he clearly doesn't have mystical powers of telepathy, to divine the nefarious intentions of his customers?!