Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gun Control in America

via Laci who added:

Or the "Gun control means hitting your target".


  1. I wonder if the artist has purchased a firearm at retail lately.
    The truth of the matter is a little more, involved...

  2. Yeah, and the truth of the matter is many of you guys want no more gun control than that cartoon indicates. Am I right?

  3. That would be an accurate statement for my feelings on the matter.

    Worked fine until about 1968 or so. You could even order them through the mail.

  4. And crime--including violent crime--continues its steady decline, during times characterized by a reeling economy, over the course of the year in which Americans bought more guns than ever before, when (to hear the terrorists of the SPLC tell it) violent "extremist groups" are exploding with rage about the President's ethnicity (or half of it, anyway).

    Last year apparently set a record for number of concealed carry permits issued, as well. Meanwhile, the forcible citizen disarmament lobby keeps mewling about our "already weak gun laws" being made "weaker."

    Judging by the crime report, what we're doing seems to be moving us in the right direction.

  5. Here's 10% your right direction, Zorro.

    You have to go to places like Jaurez or Caracas to find numbers like that. You should be proud.

  6. You mean places that limit folks from having guns have gun homicides too? How can that be?

  7. Chicago = Gun Free

    Chicago = 500+ killed in 2012

    Laws stop criminals ?

    1. If there were a wall around Chicago and a passport needed to get in, you asinine comment might make a little sense. But there isn't and it doesn't.