Friday, October 22, 2010

An American Band

I must admit Laci has improved a bit with his latest muscial offerings, but here's what it's really all about.  Besides the title (spelled backwards) and the famous drum solo by Don Brewer, I love this line, which often comes in handy:

"Cause I just done got hip to you"


  1. Todd Rundgren!
    I saw these guys once...actually twice...
    First, they were the backing band, The Pack, for ex CKLW DJ Terry Knight....
    Then as Grand Funk when I saw them open for Joe Cocker and the Kinks at the Grande Riviera in Detroit
    in 1969.
    It wasn't until they started to get production help from Rundgren and then a record produced by Frank Zappa that I thought they were really interesting.
    Rundgren produced American Band and it shows!

  2. Back in '72, we used to play "Foot Stompin' Music" as a feature song for my Farfisa Mini-Compact.

    Can you still get Purple Microdot? I think it might be legal again in California.

  3. Purple microdot legal in California?

    You mean medical LSD?

    I remember when I was skiing in Colorado and heard some 18-20 somethings talking about a friend who was busted with a sheet (or more) of LSD. They were saying something about probation. I felt like telling them they would be lucky if their friend got out of prison before he was 50 due to mandatory minimum sentences.

    And people aren't too keen on "hard drugs".