Monday, October 18, 2010

Negligent Shooting in New Mexico

The Iraq war veteran who worked in corrections probably had a concealed carry permit too. Yet, he was so stupid that he shot his 4-year-old son, who may die.  The bullet passed through the kid and hit the grandmother in the stomach.

Does anyone question the fact that this guy should not have owned guns, that he was too irresponsible to handle them safely?

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  1. > District Attorney's Office to determine if Eliserio will be charged with negligent use of a firearm, a felony.

    One strike, he's out.

    So why are you complaining?

  2. One thing I'd complain about is the "to determine if" part. Also the fact that a mentally ill veteran should have been disarmed upon release.

    And let's not forget that even if he's charged, he could very easily plea bargain it down to a misdemeanor. That happens, no?