Thursday, October 21, 2010

YeeeHaw!! 'Nother NRA Hero!

Joe Benny Tubbs--he don't cotton to brown folks in the neighborhood:

The shooter is believed to be Joe Benny Tubbs, according to ACSO Sheriff Kent Henson. Scott said he was one of the first Tubbs shot at.

“They said no (racial slur) are going to walk down this road,” Scott said. “It scared me when they pointed the gun at me. I was running and I could see the bullets going past me. I’m just glad I didn’t get shot.”

Whenever you see two first names like Joe Benny or Jimmy Bob or Ricky Elvis...N R A.


  1. This nonsense is getting kind of old. I may be done here for a while.

  2. C'mon, FWM, it's a little funny.

    Don't make me beg you like I begged Zorro. I'll do it if I must, you're one of my favorite pro-gun guys.