Monday, October 18, 2010

Gun Range Suicide

In the Fort Lauderdale area there have been a few of these incidents lately.  Do you think South Florida is particularly suicide-prone?  I wouldn't think so, which means to get an idea of what's really happening, we'd have to figure this is going on everywhere there are shooting ranges. We've covered this a few times, for example here and here and here.

Sounds bad.  What do you think?

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  1. The story about the recent gun range suicide fails to inform the reader if the gun used was a rented handgun. If the gun was a rented hand gun, the framing of the story would be looked at the issue of renting hand guns to mentally unstable people. Right now the framing of the story mames it appear that the victim was a gun owner and choose to kill them selves at the public range.

  2. The Prince - prince of what? Arrogance?

    Just how does a business identify -- without illegally recriminating -- against people with mental illness someone that is likely or planning on killing themselves?

    All the other antis, feel free to answer also

  3. that should be descriminating --not recriminating

  4. Anon: It's not as hard as you think. If the person is intoxicated or seems 'out of it'--they probably ought not be shooting. Similarly, if they're acting strangely...

  5. Il Principe is a rather well known political work. It may be a little too old for Anon's school curriculum, but it is a very well known work.

    I'm not sure where anon's railing at Il Principe comes from.

    Perhaps from the same ignorance which is unaware of Il Principe.

  6. Just one thing. Any man, woman, or child is capable of murder. In this context the murder of ones self (suicide) is possible. Given that everyone is capable of this act would mean that any state, or country is suicide prone.

  7. Anonymous,
    Renting guns at gun ranges is like serving alcohol. The client may be a raging alcoholic or someone responsible and able to handle their alcohol. I was merely analyzing the media story and how the paper did not identify if the suicide at the gun range MikeB recently posted about was with a rented gun or with a gun the individual brought. It would not make sense to take your life at a gun range when you could easily do it at your home, car, office,etcc if you were a gun owner. Just saying.....
    BTW..... I also go by the name of Nicolo Machavelli.

  8. The under-reported frequency of gun-range suicides points out two things to me. Guns are bad news for people suffering from temporary suicidal tendencies, and better screening needs to be done before someone can get a gun.

  9. The under-reported frequency of gun-range suicides points out two things to me

    What leads you to believe that they are under-reported? Is this another "feeling" of yours?